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Hey visitor, it seems like you are looking for a platform to publish your blog or article. Cashbox welcomes you and your content with open arms, i.e., you can write for us, as long as you fulfill our guidelines. We believe our guidelines won’t trouble you if you are a genuine content writer. 

If you are really willing to write for us, let’s delve deep into some terms and conditions that you have to follow in order to get your article posted on our website.

Categories And Types Of Content We Welcome as Guest Posts

We admire all your interests and research in any category or field, but when it comes to posting content on our website, we have to stay limited to a number of categories only. And anything like adult content, gambling, poker, etc., is strictly prohibited on our website. 

Currently, we are accepting Guest Blogs on Technology, Online marketing, Businesses, Gaming, Promo Codes, and Online Earning. You can write a guest post for us on any topic similar to these categories.

If you have any other topic or category that you believe would be adequate for our website, you can reach us at [email protected], and we can see if we could publish your content on our website. 

Guidelines for Guest blog Article

  • Firstly, the content or article must be unique and original. It needs no mentioning that the article must be plagiarism free.
  • The focus keyword should appear in the title and the first paragraph.
  • At least one heading should contain the focus keyword.
  • You can also write a regular informative article which should be at least 800 words with proper formatting (Heading, Paragraphs, Bullet points, etc.), and related images must be included.
  • You should include a catchy title (less than 60 characters) for the blog.
  • One high-quality banner image (1200×675 px) for the featured image.

If we find your article interesting, we will promote it on our website and social media platforms. This way, you can get a wide audience for your work and get appreciation from readers globally.

We are expecting your content to be interesting for our audience. Make sure you write the guest post to entice the audience and compel them to keep reading. 

Similarly, an informative and knowledgeable guest post in a niche like technology, business, marketing, tips and tricks, tools and solutions, Paid ads, etc., should also contain only real and trustworthy information. If you include fake or harmful data, your article will not be published on our website.

Who can write for us?

Cashunbox welcome bloggers, content writers, and businesses from all parts of the world to publish an article on our website. We promote your content if it is unique and valuable for our audience.

If you are a regular blogger who wishes their content to be read by a fresh audience, you can write for us as we have thousands of unique visitors on our website. Or, if you are a new blogger who wants an initial boost of confidence, then also you can post a guest Blog or GP on our website.

If you are a business with unique products and services related to our niche categories, you can promote your content on our website in the form of an article for our visitors.

How to submit an article for a Guest Post?

Once you have prepared an article that meets our guidelines, you can send it to us at [email protected], where we will review it. Once reviewed and accepted, we will publish the article on our website, and the link to the post will be reverted to you through email once live.