How to Check Twitch Logs [Experts Guide]

How to Check Twitch Logs [Experts Guide]

Twitch experience entirely depends on its Twitch chat logs. These chats are important as they help in the interaction of both viewers and streamers. Twitch as being the best online platform for streaming cannot make its place among the users without those chat logs that not only bring viewers and streamers close but also spread up the good content in the world of streaming.

Though, there are so many positive interactions that happen while going on with the streaming process but just like a rotten apple spoils the whole barrel so as one abusive comment can harm your channel growth. In this guide below, we are going to tell how you can tackle those abusive users with the help of Twitch chat logs that not only help you in removing those negativities from the channel but also helps in leading your channel to the growing graph.

But, before moving on, we must tell you that not only streamers but also viewers can enjoy the function of twitch chat logs having a safe and fun viewing environment. So, if you are worrying that this blog post is not for you as you are a viewer then you are wrong. So, let get into the guide starting with this section.

Why you need to check your twitch chat logs

twitch chat logs

1. For abusive comments

In the world of social media where lots of users spreading negativity, it is important to block them. Although it is easy on some other social platforms to block those negative mindsets. But, on Twitch it becomes a little bit difficult to identify those evil viewers as chat here moves quicker. According to the terms and conditions of twitch, it is mandatory that if the channel is having abusive exchanges even if the owner does not aware of it then he/she can lose the channel because of those wicked minds. So, it is necessary for you to check those inappropriate comments to rescue yourself from any such types of issues that may risk your channel.

2. Review Comments

Twitch chat logs not only help you to remove those abusive thrones from the channel but also in reviewing feedbacks filled with suggestions like what element should be included or excluded to improve the channel. You can also have the opportunity to collaborate with other streamers that will boost up your channel growth and also increase the viewers in your channel. Through the Twitch chat log, you can easily move back to all the comments that are having these kinds of opportunities.

3. Evaluate The Ban

As chat logs move quicker, so it becomes difficult for the streamers to evaluate the punishment given to the viewers. But through twitch chat logs, they can easily do it by moving back to the chats and check what reasons lead the streamers to take such a crucial step against the viewer. 

This helps in moderating the essential morale of a chat room.

4. Discovering New Language 

It becomes mandatory for streamers like you to use twitch chat logs to know the language of the communication of their followers. well, you might have witnessed that the followers take fun in developing their own means of communication like memes and inside jokes. With the twitch chat logs, you can easily get to know and discover the new communicating language of your followers and thus go closer to them.

5. Know your Audience

Just like different streamers stream different content so as the audience loves different kinds of content. In order to know your audience, what kind of content they like, you need to take the help of twitch chat logs. With the comment of your viewer, you can get the idea of what is the boosting and drawback element in your stream and how you can transform it into your audience’s preferences that will make your channel grow faster.

6. Banned Usernames

Well, it is easy to create a Twitch account but this can harm your channel if the user is constantly posing threat messages into the channel with different usernames and accounts. As twitch chat moves faster so it becomes difficult to identify that user but through the twitch chat logs, you can easily compare the writing styles of banned user and also check when the throwaway account was created that will help you to identify that user and you can block that again and ban all the ways that hinder your channel.

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How to Check your Twitch chat logs

1. Playback VODs (Video On Demand) 

chat logs twitch

VODs is a great platform to view the entire chat log. You only need to record and playback your VODs and you are good to go with your streaming session. You can also view those comments that have been deleted by the moderator. You also don’t need to think that any third-party and username can use the information. It requires you to go through all the chat history of VOD.s to evaluate the ban that could be very annoying.

2. Third-Party Programs

check twitch chat logs

These third-party programs come as the surviving agent for most of the streamers out there who have lost trust in the tools offered by Twitch. These will help in setting up chat logs for monitoring comments that serve the long-term solution. The streamers who believe in valuing the input and conduct of twitch chat logs move towards third-party programs. Chatty and Log viewer are the two most popular third-party programs that help in checking twitch chat logs. The user needs to acquire User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) to use them.

3. User Search Command

how to check twitch chat logs

It is the best way to find a particular user who has left that abuses on your channel. You only need to type the command /user [username] in your channel’s chatbox and you will see all the data related to that particular user that includes:

  • How many texts have been left on your channel by that user
  • The date of the creation of the user’s account.
  • How many times the user has been blocked from your channel.
  • Any comments left by your mods on that particular user.
  • How many times the user has been timed out in your chat. 

If there is the same user with different accounts who spreading hatred in your channel then you can use this method to identify him/her again and then block them.

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4. Chatbot

twitch chat logs by user

If you want to moderate and filter the chat then you can use this automated software. Rather than this, you can also add some special features to the chat to provide the best experience to your viewers, and also you can configure chatbots and use a whole new complete, and searchable log of the comments coming in your chat. 

You can collect the data just by activating a bot in your chat and even if the stream has ended, you can enjoy it by resuming it during your leisure time. But, if you want to keep the track of comments and to review previous chats then it is not possible here. It is the simplest and easiest way to find the same comment that you are searching for. With this, you can easily take your channel to the next level. 

How to check Twitch chat logs as a moderator

chat logs twitch

As a moderator, you can access the individual viewers’ chat logs but this requires some tasks that you need to perform including type moderator view and select the user’s name. If you go to the lower-right part of your screen and choose the sword icon then the mod view can be accessed. 

After entering mod view, go to the user’s name, click on it and you can easily view the entire chat history of viewers on your channel. You can also scroll the message to know if there is any conversation between you and your viewer. The functionality does not end here as you can also get to know how many times they have been banned or timed out and things like mode comments, report, ban and timeout the user from the screen.

Downloading Twitch chat logs

check twitch chat logs

Many users want to store that twitch chat logs for review later, if you are one of them then you can have the fun of Chatty. This comes with the limitations of how many comments you can scan at once. You can easily look for the log content at any time if you record the chats to the external file. Chatty comes with features like Twitch badges, emotes, and username colors that convert the logos into more readable form. 

Your chat can also be recorded by chatbots. Many chatbots perform this function and store the chat data on their own servers from which it can easily be downloaded to the local storage. You have to note that before selecting the chatbot for your channel, check first different features of each chatbot.

Can I view Chat Logs for Other Channels?

how to check twitch chat logs

Well, if you are a moderator or a streamer then you can easily view chat logs for stuff like channel and users. As it comes under the violation of data sharing of the platform’s rules so twitch cannot host chat logs to the public.

A similar thing is done by OverRustle Logs which then faced the deactivation of the account on May 1st from the Twitch legal department. Actually, OverRustle Logs sets the database of chats from all channels publicly that can easily be accessed by anyone which goes against the rule of conduct and Twitch, thus if bears this kind of execution. 

Final Words!

We hope that you all get resolved all your queries related to check twitch chat logs. If you find this article relevant and informative then let us know in the comment section and also tells us which method you try to check twitch chat logs.

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