How to Enable and Earn Channel Points Twitch [Updated Guide]

How to Enable and Earn Channel Points Twitch [Updated Guide]

Twitch is known as the best streaming platform where the streamers and viewers communicate with each other. Some streamers get the best viewers in their channel that continuously support them in every situation. In order to reward them for their loyalty, streamers provide them Twitch channel points that redeem some special features for the channel. In order to solve every query related to Twitch channel points. Read the full article below.

Channel points twitch has taken the shape of the loyalty points by providing meaningful rewards to chat. Because of third-party applications and chatbots, the viewers and streamers get the chance of having these points adorned with special features that are only accessible to them.

What are Twitch Channel Points?

how to get channel points on twitch

Twitch channel points work as the new currency that can only be provided to active viewers in the particular channel. Furthermore, these points are redeemed as custom channel rewards and for temporary special chat features.

These twitch channel points help to provide the viewers a more interactive and inclusive stream. Not only that, through these channel points twitch, the streamers become enable to be creative in an attempt to what they offer to loyal viewers. 

How to Get Channel Points on Twitch

To indulging more viewers in the Twitch channel, Twitch has always come with different innovative ways to earn twitch channel points. The earning amount starts from 10 points when the viewer gives 5 minutes to the channel. You can also get easy accessibility to 50 points by clicking on active bonus points. To know more about how to get twitch channel points early access. Read the table below containing how many channel points per hour twitch.

Action  Reward
5 minutes of watch time 10 – (20*)
Click to activate 5 minutes of watch time 50 – (100*)
Participating in a raid 250
Following a channel 300
Watching 2 streams in a row 300
Watching 3 streams in a row 350
Watching 4 streams in a row 400
Watching 5+ streams in a row 450
1st Cheer (30 Day Cooldown) 350
1st Gifted Sub (30 Day Cooldown) 500

Who can Enable the Twitch Channel Points Early Access

Well, twitch channel points early access is only provided to some affiliates and partners because it is still developing but soon, not only just some but all affiliates partners will be provided the early access. But, there is some procedure to do for others who want to participate.

So, to participate in the beta, you required need to sign up at this link, and later on, try to sign in with the Twitch account that you want to use. After that, navigate to the access button and the message about your selection will appear on your email.

If you are lucky and selected to try the system before release then with the dashboard setting under channel points, you can easily enable, disable and manage the system.

What can Points be Redeemed for 

Twitch provides us a number of default options through which the viewer can easily redeem the points that also integrate into the chatting experience.

channel points twitch

  • Unlock a random sub emote- Provide the access to random channel emotes for 24 hours.
  • Send a message in sub-only mode- During the time when the sub-only mode is enabled, try to send a single message in the chat.
  • Custom rewards- You can find unique unlocks with custom rewards on different channels.
  • Choose an emote to unlock- Provide the access to the selected channel emotes for 24 hours.
  • Modify a single emote- you can temporarily access a modified emote.
  • Highlight a message- with the highlighted background, you can easily make the message stand out. 
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How to Customize the Channel Points and Rewards

how many channel points per hour twitch

You need to visit the following things in order to customize the channel points. So, start the procedure by navigating to channel dashboard > channel points > customize points display. You can also change the name of the points by renaming them according to your preference. Not only this, you can do a lot more in customizing the channel points and rewards mentioned in the guide below:


Rewards come with their own custom pricing that is really important in keeping a good pace on the stream. Consider the thing that a normal viewer can earn over 360 points an hour and subs earn double that whenever you try to decide prices.

If there is a target for you to stream for around 5/6  hours per session that includes consecutive watch bonnets, and raids then a subscriber or a viewer can earn over 5000 points a stream. The streamer should ensure these things to set the rewards at a very high rate to use it rarely.


An icon is used to represent the number of points a viewer has earned that can also be created to a new graphic and update to something that resembles more of you.

With the unlockable reward, you can also flesh out your branding. Not only this, but you can also change the icons that will resemble more of the rewards deck from background colors to icons.

Custom Rewards

This provides you the access to reward the loyal supporter even if they are not having enough to support them with the cash. Third-party applications and chatbots have come up with the idea of subsidizing the gambling bost but in reality, they always become fail in providing tangible rewards to the viewers.

Through the use of custom rewards, you can easily craft anything that you want from A.M.A. to Polls that can easily be redeemed with the points.

Limiting Uses

The update also limits the use of these kinds of rewards. For instance, if some viewer takes the benefit of rewards and wants you to wear a funny costume and do some ridiculous thing. So, the streamer can easily save from that kind of thing. You can also set the number of uses of the reward.

Winding up!

 We hope that you like this article containing everything that you should know about twitch point. If you find this article thoughtful and relevant then you can share it with us in the comment section. 

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