Top 8 Scary Roblox Games with Spookiest Graphics and Storylines

Top 8 Scary Roblox Games with Spookiest Graphics and Storylines

Roblox Online Gaming Platform has games for all genres. Whether you are looking for a Scary game, horror game, or an action game, you can find on Roblox. Millions of people from across the world play games on this platform and appreciate it. Today, we will be talking about the top 8 Scary Roblox Games. These games have horror storylines and jumpscares that will boost your adrenaline. Along with this, its Spookiest graphics and other effects make these games one of the best Roblox Horror games. scary roblox games

So find below the list of scariest games on Roblox. Try these games out and let us know which one you loved the most and why?

List of Best Roblox Horror Games

School History is full of jumpscares and some strange noises that make it one of the scary games on Roblox. it’s a mystery-solving game where you will have to solve mysteries to level up. there will be mysteries to get the keys of the doors to escape. You can even make it more interesting by playing it with your friends. you will find it a lot scary when you will play it in a group. I would highly recommend this game to you if you are looking for Roblox Horror games.

Because you are looking for Roblox Scary games, I am assuming that you might have watched the dead Silence movie based on mary shaw’s story. this game is completely based on that story. the complete plot of this game revolves around a ventriloquist doll. Your role in the game will be an investigator to solve the death mystery.  there will be two characters in the game who will receive a doll from an anonymous person. One of them will die after receiving it and you will be the one who will solve the knots to find the mystery behind the doll. The game allows you to play with a maximum of three players but if you want a thriller experience play it alone. Once you will saw Mary Shaw, You will never find anything scary than her.

There is an assaulter at your back. isn’t it a bit scary if you are chasing something? Of course, it is. So “Before The Dawn” is a Multi-player game, where you will be given a map to complete the game before your fellow players. In addition to that, As the game name refers, you will be needed to complete this game before dawn. so we can complete the title of this game as Don’t die before the dawn as there will be a slasher right behind you to eat you.

This game is on the list of best Scary Roblox Games 2020 that one must play. This game is all about escaping from a Haunted house with strange noises and a scary environment. Just like the name of the game refers, You will be alone in the house and you will be needed to solve mysteries to come out of the house.

The game will punch your adrenaline rush with lots of scary hurdles. there will be various tasks in the game such as finding a car, Unlocking a Room or a Safe, etc. The scary hurdles of the game will include multiple spooky objects such as a dead man trying to kill you. If you are looking for the scariest game then you should try this one.

This game will revolve around solving puzzles and mysteries to get to the next level of the game. you will be using your mirror object to tackle the obstacles and jumpscares in the game. You will get a see-through mirror for navigation in the game. Along with this, you will be also able to see things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. Now the environment and the tricks you will be using in the game make it one of the best scary Roblox games.

The design of the game is developed and designed by creepypastas which include the contribution of multiple developers and designers. Talking about the features of the game, it includes 24 floors, all of which have some specialty. Being one of the spookiest games on Roblox, it offers you to play with your fear. On every floor, you will be facing different hurdles and jumpscares. Even on one floor, you will be transmitted to another building with a whole different storyline. So buckle-up to play one of the best Roblox Horror games.

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Murder Mystery is a combination of scary and thrill. It’s a Multi-player game that can be played with a maximum of three people and you can be one of the characters in the game that includes murderer, investigating officer, or Innocent. It’s a Mysterious game where every character will have a different purpose or mission to complete. you will be solving murder mysteries which makes it the perfect combination of thrill and adventure. you will find this game in the list of Scary Roblox games 2020.

The apartment is one of the scariest games you will find on Roblox. The plot of this game is about a scary apartment on one of the floors of a building. You will have to come out of the building by solving various mysteries on all the floors. It is a multi-player game so you can make it fun by playing it along with your friends. On every level, you will find scary figures and strange noises that will pump the adrenaline rush. with every level, the game will become more scary and spooky.


Spare some time to play these Scary Roblox Games with your friends to experience the adrenaline rush. Being one of the best Online Gaming platforms, Roblox has all covered for you. You can even make it more fun by playing it alone in your home. it will surely double the thrill and adventure.

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