Where and How To Catch Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley? – Complete Guide

Where and How To Catch Tiger Trout in Stardew Valley? – Complete Guide

Hey Pal, looks like you have also come across one of the most notorious fish of Stardew valley – “Tiger Trout” and are struggling to catch one. 

To be honest, I also struggled for quite some time before getting my hands on my first pesky trout finally. I also went through several of these guides on how to catch tiger trout Stardew valley or where to find tiger trout in Stardew valley in the beginning days.

But you won’t need to go through any other guide after this to find your first tiger trout Stardew valley. I have summed up all of them and made the necessary improvements to provide you with the most successful tiger trout Stardew valley fishing guide.

So let’s dive in and help you catch your first tiger trout.where to catch tiger trout stardew valley

When And Where To Find Tiger Trout Stardew Valley 

The very first thing you need to know before heading out to find a tiger trout in stardew valley is where to find one and when you are most likely to find it. Since Stardew Valley is a highly realistic farming simulation game, you need to consider seasons and other climatic conditions for a better success rate.

A tiger trout likes cold seasons, and therefore perfect seasons to fish for one are Fall and Winter. From my personal experience, I would suggest you fish either early in the morning or once it begins to get cold in the evening.

Talking of where to catch tiger trout Stardew valley, the best places marked are the Pelican Town River or the Cindersap Forest River. Although you can keep trying your hand in any water body of Stardew valley, and there are plenty of fishes to catch, the rivers mentioned above present the most chances of catching a Stardew valley tiger trout.

When out fishing, one is likely to witness many fishes dotted in the water bodies making it difficult to mark out a tiger trout and even challenging to fish one. 

How To Catch Tiger Trout Stardew Valleyhow to catch tiger trout stardew valley

Catching a tiger trout is going to require a couple of items and strategy.

First, let’s see the items required.

  1. Upgrade your fishing rod to at least a fiberglass rod. (You need to reach fishing level 2 at least for this rod)
  2. Use tackle/bait, which can only be used with a fiberglass rod or above. If you have a Magic Bait, catching a tiger trout won’t be that hard.

Factors to keep in mind in order to catch your first Stardew valley tiger trout:

  • Get to the edge of the river bank and throw your line as far as possible. A tiger trout is very likely to be found between 6 AM and 7 PM and in the middle of the water.
  • Once you are at the expected location (as mentioned earlier), lookout for bubbles in the water. Bubbles are a sign that there’s a hungry fish in the water, and it is where you should cast your line.

Remember that a tiger trout Stardew valley has a difficulty rating of 60, meaning they are pesky devils who would take your time, patience, and energy before taking your bait.

Advantages Of A Stardew Valley Tiger Trout

Now that you also have the answer to how to catch tiger trout Stardew Valley, it’s time to see the benefits you can enjoy if you get successful in catching one.

Catching a Tiger trout fish is mainly essential for the River Fish Bundle for the Fish Tank in the Community Center. It will help you increase your level as a fisherman in Stardew valley. 

If you have a tiger trout fish in your inventory, you can either sell it for gold or use it to retrieve your Health and energy. 

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Tiger Trout Sell Prices

Quality Prices
Normal 150g
Silver 187g
Gold 225g
Iridium 300g

One can use a tiger trout for cooking (Recipes like Sashimi, Maki Roll, Fertilizer) or sew a Fish shirt. However, there are only one to two places from where you can get a fish shirt sewn in the Stardew valley. 

Before discussing the value of a tiger trout fish in Stardew valley, you should know that, like most other items in the game, it also has different levels like silver, gold, etc. Along with the level of fish, its value also depends upon a player’s fishing skills level.

  • The sale price of a Stardew valley tiger trout may vary according to its buyer as well as its level.
  • Similarly, the Health and energy received from a tiger trout also varies.

Things Worth Knowing About Tiger Trout

  • Just like its real-life counterpart, a Stardew valley tiger trout can also not reproduce. Hence, holding onto one in a fish tank will not bring much benefit.
  • However, one can still keep tiger trout in fish ponds to produce Roe which is later sold raw or preserved.
  • Gifting a tiger trout to pelican town residents won’t be a good idea. As they generally dislike the fish, and it could cost you friendship points.
  • On the contrary, you can trade the fish with Willy, who would like to have one. Just a handful of people in the pelican town have a neutral reaction when given a tiger trout.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How to catch tiger trout Stardew valley?

Catching a Stardew Valley tiger trout could be a little tricky. You need to be at the right place at the right time with the right equipment for the best chances.

It would be best to have a fiberglass fishing rod (only available when you become a level 2 fisherman) and bait. Other than this, you have to fish in the middle of the river near Pelican town during winter or fall.

  • Where to find tiger trout Stardew valley?

The best place to catch tiger trout in the whole Stardew valley is the river that flows near Pelican town. You have to head to the left of the Cindersap forest near Leah’s house.

  • Where to catch tiger trout Stardew valley?

When fishing for Stardew valley tiger trout, you have to cast your line in the deepest of water. This means you should throw the bait in the middle of the river and not near the edge.

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