Tekken 7 Tier List Season 3 : Checkout the Updated Character Tier List

Tekken 7 Tier List Season 3 : Checkout the Updated Character Tier List

Tekken- the game that we all play in our childhood. The craze of the Tekken was such that we spend every day of our lives playing this game. The fighting scenes, the characters, their fights, and costumes all admired us to play this game. This is the first game that every 90’s kids love because of its attracting fighting sequels.

Since its launching in 1994, Tekken did not disappoint its followers and always come with a better-updated version, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Tekken 6, and Tekken 7 are all the updated versions of these game. In this game, we are going to discuss the recently updated version of this game Tekken 7.     

Tekken was the most favorite game of every 90’s children but somewhere it lost the connection with us. But, this connection is being revived through Tekken 7 that comes to the rescue of the child in us. Launched in 2015, this game emerges as the best game of fighting. Tekken by surviving almost more than two decades in the gaming industry setting inspiration to all the gaming platforms out there. 

It is because of the hard work of Bandai Namco Entertainment that brings it back to the crown of best fighting game. In this article, we are going to discuss the Tekken 7 tier list which helps in ranking each character of the game according to their performances. So, read the article below and try these characters that will add more thrills to the game.

Who decides the Tekken 7 Tier List?

Tekken 7 Season 3 tier list is decided by none other than but the players themselves. Tekken 7 gives this right to the gamers so that it can get the taste of different players. Through this initiative, it comes closer to the players. Through the information provided by the players, Tekken 7 prepares the list. 

But, it is not always true that the character appearing at the top would play well in the game too as it is the player who controls the character. If the player cannot utilize the character’s skills then in such a case, the player would choose another character. So, the list can be varied from player to player.

In the later section, you will have a brief introduction of some characters of Tekken 7. You can check them out having different abilities and techniques to beat the opposite. Prefer the one which best suits you as it is important for both you and your character to take the lead together to beat the opponent.

Tekken 7 Tier List

tekken 7 tier list season 3

In the updated version of the Tekken 7, these are the characters appearing in the list.

  • S-Tier: Paul, Akuma, Steve, Jin[/su_column]
  • A-Tier: Law, Byran, Kazuya, Lei, Hwoarang, King, Devil Jin
  • B-Tier: Asuka, Xiaoyu, Bob, Nina, Shaheen, Kazumi
  • C-Tier: Alisa, Claudio, Leo, Lars, Yoshimitsu, Lily
  • D-Tier: Eddy, Josie
  • F-Tier: Anna, Lucky Chloe, Gigas, Eliza

List of Best Characters of Tekken 7

These characters are ranked higher by almost every player. We will be going to discuss a brief about almost every character who ranked superior. In this guide, you will have the strongest points of these characters including special moves and popular technique. In order to know about them, read the article below:

1. Paul

tier list tekken 7

Paul is considered one of the brilliant characters of Tekken 7. If you are a true lover of Tekken 7 for the moves of different characters then you should opt for Paul for his terrific moves. Let me tell you that his 12-frame to punish move is widely popular among the players as it turns out to be the fastest and best block for defending when combining with keys like D+1+2 and a 14 frame launcher. 

With these terrific moves, the opponent will surely die in no time. Try the character Paul and enjoy the real adventure of a fighting game.

2. Steve

tekken 7 character tier list

Steve has disappeared from his place in the passing of time due to some problem but regains now because of his improvement and charm among the players who patiently want back one of the best characters of Tekken 7. If your only goal is to win that you should choose Steve who is voted by the players as the best characters in Tekken 7 list. 

Although due to some problems he has lost the love of the players but now, with his improving skills, he is emerging as the best and beat everyone that comes in front of him. You should once check out Steve’s moves, I’m definitely sure you will be amazed by seeing his moves.

3. Akuma

tekken 7 season 3 tier list

The appearance of Akuma tells us so much about his moves. he is presented as a real beast who is ready to kill any character standing in front of him. The rage in his appearance shows the player that it can kill a number of opponents.

If we talking about his special technique then he is very strong in his defending technique. As a new character, he can beat so many old powerful characters of the game. Being a new character in the game, he just needs the players who can understand each and every move. So, it would be recommended to opt for Akuma and see his power.

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4. Devil Jin

tier list tekken 7

Like the name, he is a devil in his nature too. The popularity of Devil Jin can get through the reviews that make him appear under the B-tier. Being a popular character, Jin always creates enthusiasm among the players with his devilish moves that can make any opponents come to their knees. 

Now, let’s talk about some of his powerful moves that turn most of the players mad. Undefeatablebest and the best launcher are the two best moves of Jin. You can use it through F, N, D, D/F+2 (EWGF) H i14~ +15. With this move, he becomes quicker. To have the best launcher you can do D/B+2 I (TC) 22 RC – 13. This move is so popular for high-density crush.

5. King  

tekken 7 season 3 tier list

His lion masked face fascinates the players so much that most of the players play the game just to have a glimpse of the character. Whether it be his name, his costume, and his mask everything depicts the character best that he is the king of his own kingdom and his kingdom is none other than Tekken itself. Like so many other characters, Lion also has some dynamic moves which can bring anyone down.

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Through U/F+1+2, you can increase his strength by adding to his blocks and turn him stronger than before. You can use another SS3+4 to give punishment to the opponent for dodging a kick and for gaining execution and speed, you can use B+1.

6. Law

tekken 7 character tier list

Law is known for his amazing energy and ability to defeat the opponent. He is one of the best competitive players in the game.

His most special move 14F launch makes every player a great fan of him. By choosing Law, you just need to play wisely it has all the abilities to kill the opponent but if you do a mistake from your side then you can lose the game. Most of the players while playing with Law send him skyrocketing upward.

Final Part!

We hope that you are getting all your queries resolved with Tekken 7 tier list season 3. With this list, you can easily choose the character you love the most. If you find this article helpful then please share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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