How To Build Stardew Valley Silo? – Best Tips and Tricks

How To Build Stardew Valley Silo? – Best Tips and Tricks

All Stardew Valley gamers know that if there is one thing that is important in the game, it is the Silo Building. For all farmers, Stardew Valley Silo is a crucial building to raise their animals.

These small and affordable structures not only help farmers to feed their animals, but also save money and time. They are extremely valuable in Winter since it is hard to grow grass naturally and all animals remain inside. In simple words, you can just put some hay in Silo and raise your animals.

In the hot seasons, animals can go outside as long as long grass can be accessed to stay fed. But in wintertime, without Silo, you will struggle to keep your chickens and cows fed and happy. Luckily, you can easily build Silo and they are relatively easy to use. Be with us and we will provide you every info you need to know for constructing Silos on the Stardew Valley farm.

What is Stardew Valley Silo For?

What is Stardew Valley Silo For?

Simply put, building Silo helps you in the winter season to ascertain that your animals are fed. This is because it is easy to find green grass in summer or any warm season, but animals struggle a lot in wintertime. So, it’s an important building for any farmer raising some animals. These inexpensive and mini structures help you stock hay and get your animals fed hence saving your money and time.

Hay can be obtained in a variety of ways, although it is most commonly obtained from the grassland that animals consume. You’ll get Hay around half of the time if you use your scythe on this consumed grass. If you have Silo, it will be automatically added but remember using a sword won’t yield hay. It can also be obtained by purchasing it from Marnie’s Ranch or harvesting it when growing Wheat.

A Silo can carry up to 240 hay pieces, and you may inspect them by looking at the front to see what’s within. You can get Hay for your animals from the feed hopper under Coops and Barns. After that, you can put it on your animals’ food troughs. If you convert these buildings to Deluxe, they will fill the feeding bench automatically with the Silos content, which is incredibly convenient.

It is mainly useful in Winter since animals stay inside because the grass doesn’t grow naturally. Also, Silos are quite easy to build as well as super easy to use. So, you won’t be worrying much.

When Should Players Build Stardew Valley Silo

What is Stardew Valley Silo For?

Before learning how to build a silo in Stardew Valley, it is equally crucial to understand when a Silo should be built. It may seem counterintuitive, but players should construct a Silo before building a Barn or Coop. This is because of multiple factors:

  • It will save you energy and time. You can have a stockpile of Hay handy after getting the animals first. It means you won’t have to collect or buy hay each day.
  • Also, in the winter, hay is tough to obtain, but you can buy more new animals. Building a Silo and then buying animals to develop a stockpile before the cold comes in is a far better way.
  • Silos are a lot less expensive as they use fewer materials. Also, Stardew Valley silo cost only 100 gold to build, making them far more inexpensive than Coops or Barns.
  • Many experienced gamers advise constructing a Silo before constructing Barns or Coops. It’s especially attractive to start with the Coop as one of the initial tasks instructs you to construct a Coop rather than a Silo.
  • You can really fill up many Silos before getting your first animal.

Steps For- How to Build a Silo in Stardew Valley

Building Silo

Silo is cheaper and only requires few materials compared to other buildings, a player can easily store a feed supply for the animal they will purchase. For Building a Silo you must go to Robin’s Carpenter Shop then you will need the following materials:

  • 5 Copper bars – By breaking copper ore nodes in the mines by the pickaxe. Now, Place one coal and five copper ore in a furnace for making one copper bar.
  • 100 stone – Stone can be obtained by breaking rocks with a pickaxe.
  • 10 clay – Digging deep in the dirt with a hoe tool will help yield clay.
  • 100 gold – It can be found in the mine.

After collecting the materials and asking Robin to purchase a silo for 100g, it will still take two days to complete. Measurement of each silo is a square grid of 3×3 tiles.

Getting Hay Out of Silo

Getting Hay Out of Silo

The most asked question we get is – Stardew Valley how to get hay out of Silo ? After cutting the grass on the farm you can see hay getting stored directly in your Silo. To know the capacity of the current storage, just click in front of Silo. To take the hay out from the silo, hopper help will be required. It generally comes with Coops or Barns. It can’t be moved or picked up. The hopper moves the hay b/w the player’s inventory and to eat.

Hay can also be easily stored in chests rather than Silos. For doing so, just take out the hay from the hopper and place it inside the chest.

If you marry in the Stardew Valley, you don’t need to worry about the farm animals’ hunger as your life partner will do it for you. The feeding bench will be automatically filled. Also, use Scarecrows in Stardew Valley to protect crops.

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Some Tips and Tricks For Stardew Valley Silo

Tips for Stardew Valley Silo

Here are some helpful tricks to ensure that you get maximum from a silo.

  • Because your animals will rely on hay only in winter times, we recommend that you build a silo first before anything else.
  • The silo will be stocked with the grass chopped using a scythe.
  • Marnie can also sell you hay.
  • By going to the farm computer, you can see the quantity of hay you have stockpiled. The unique computer can be developed after getting the recipe from Demetrius, as part of the exceptional orders “Aquatic Overpopulation” or “Biome Balance”. 
  • Stardew Valley silos are at peak productivity when you raise your Barns and Coops to the Deluxe level. You can effectively overlook them or the necessity to feed the animals until your Silos are drained.
  • Silos don’t have to be close to your buildings. In case, you don’t want to see them, just put them away in a secluded area. They “connect” to your Barns and Coops as long as Silos are on your land.
  • If you somehow locate the Golden Scythe, you’ll have a 75 percent chance of finding Hay every time you cut the grass with it, in comparison to 50 percent with the regular scythe.
  • It’s a good idea to mow all grass at the season’s end because it’ll all be gone by Winter 1. Therefore, chances are high that you will get a lot of Hay out of it.

Final Words

We have gathered all these relevant details about Stardew Valley Silo from the top reliable sources. And we hope this helped you regarding your queries on building Silo. This step-to-step guide has hopefully helped you know the benefits of Silo and how you can build one using materials. If you want us to add any additional info, then do leave a comment below.

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