How To Build Stardew Valley Scarecrow? – Range, Rarecrows, & Tips

How To Build Stardew Valley Scarecrow? – Range, Rarecrows, & Tips

In Stardew Valley, it is natural for you to plant lots of crops with different varieties. You grow them with lots of love as they are your source of income. This is why it is super important to take care of your plants and crops. Crows are your biggest enemies in the Stardew valley because they are the ones who damage your crops. Luckily, there is one thing that you can do to keep them away which is building a Stardew Valley Scarecrow.

Crops are villagers’ bread and butter but crows can’t keep their eyes from their green crops. Ensuring your crops are healthy and all set to be sold in the market means securing them from greedy crows as well. Now, the question is how to make a scarecrow to secure your crops since it is not something you do daily right?

Also, many players don’t know how to make use of the scarecrow, where to put it to get maximum benefit. So today, we are here with all details to use Scarecrow and other related crucial tips.

Stardew Valley Scarecrow and Ways To Build It

stardew valley scarecrow range

You already know that why are scarecrows used. Just like that in Stardew valley also, scarecrows are build to save crops from crows. Since crows do not attack those crops grown from Wild seeds so, they are not required there. Scarecrows will appear in your building menu immediately when you begin the game (Level 1 Farming).

To create a scarecrow, you must first level up your agricultural skill to level one, which unlocks the basic recipe of scarecrow crafting. You can create a scarecrow using the resources listed below after reaching the first level:

  • 50 Wood: It is easy to get some wood from logs on and off or chopping Stardew Valley trees from your farm using an ax.
  • One Coal: To get coal to go to mines, treasure chests, or charcoal kin.
  • 20 Fiber: Destroy grasses using a scythe to get fiber.

You may then put it near your harvests (it’s better if it’s encircled by them, as it will cover extra ground) and it will automatically prune them every day to keep your crops safe.

It’s really crucial to build a scarecrow and keep them between your crops, as no one wants to waste their hard work and investment.

Stardew Valley Scarecrow Range

scarecrow stardew valley precise range

To be precise, a Scarecrow Stardew valley will normally save your field surround an area of 248 spaces. It implies 8 spaces in each, east, north, southwest. And 6 spaces to the south-east, south-west, north-east, and north-west. In simple words, we can say that a Stardew valley scarecrow radius will save a 17×17 area, excluding 10 spaces on every corner.

To enable the radius of the scarecrow visible in the above picture, we used a Range Highlight. We also recommend that you acquire this mod because it will make installing the objects described below a lot easier. However, you must have the most recent version of SMAPI already installed before installing the mod. 

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The items that you will see in the mod are:

  • H Bee Houses (Hold H to indicate the range)
  • R Sprinklers (Hold R to indicate the range)
  • J Junimo huts (Hold J to indicate the range)
  • O Scarecrows (Hold O to indicate the scarecrow range Stardew valley)


stardew valley - rarecrows

Rarecrows produce similar results as scarecrow Stardew valley, except they affect the farm’s general appearance. The craziest thing is that you will see an Aliencrow that you can’t put a cap on, but you easily can on the others. 

Rarecrows, on the other hand, are 8 in numbers. You will get a letter containing a Deluxe Scarecrow recipe when you complete the 8th Scarecrow.

Almost all Rarecrows can be obtained from a variety of vendors at different times of the year. We’ll explore the location of all Rarecrows and their prices below:

Rarecrow No. Appearance Location Price
1 Turnip Head scarecrow Stardew Valley Fair 800 Tokens
2 Witch Spirit’s Eve Festival 5,000g
3 Green Alien Casino 10,000 Qi coins
4 Snowman Traveling Merchant 4,000g
5 Blonde Hair Farmer Flower Dance Festival 2,500g
6 Dwarf Mini-version Dwarf in Mines 2,500g
7 Mouse Donating 40 Artifacts N/A
8 Tribal Mask Donating 20 Items N/A
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All Scarecrow Stardew Valley Tricks and Tips

scarecrow stardew valley tips and tricks

Now we’ll show you all of the crucial information about Scarecrows in tabular form. That will ultimately aid you in gaining a better concept of the scarecrow Stardew valley as well as its building recommendations.

  • You’ll obtain a standard Scarecrow if you accomplish Level 1 Farming with plenty of woods and fiber. You may also buy it for 800 Stars during the Stardew Valley Fair. This is indeed available for 5000 gold during Sprit’s Eve. You can also get this for 10,000 in a casino establishment.
  • Players can obtain this for 4000 gold from the Traveling Cart at any time during the fall season.
  • You can acquire this for 2500 gold in the Flower Dance, additionally, you can give 2500 gold to the Dwarf and get it. Or donate 20 artifacts to the Museum for purchasing it. This is essentially the Scarecrow Plus. You must create all of the Rarecrows (9). After that, you’ll receive a note from a bird for building a scarecrow.
  • The Deluxe Scarecrow basically is a craftable scarecrow that can protect a player’s crop effectively from crows. The Deluxe scarecrow Stardew valley recipe is available once the player has acquired all 8 rarecrows, after which it will prompt the “Z.C. Rarecrow Society” for sending the participant a letter containing the recipe.
  • Once you get the scarecrow by performing the above-mentioned activities, there will be no harm to your crops. Since many players have been the victim of crow attacks on their crops, so, you must not forget to add some scarecrows to protect your field.

Final Say!

That is all Folks! We hope, you got well versed with Scarecrow Stardew Valley, its varieties, ranges, and how to build it. Now, no one can harm your crops and you can keep earning your bread and butter. If you discovered this article to be helpful or have more queries, then just drop a note below.

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