Stardew Valley: Pam (A Gaming Guide)

Stardew Valley: Pam (A Gaming Guide)

Pam is a Pelican Town villager who lives in a trailer slightly west of the river. Before the Pelican Town bus broke down, she was the driver. Stardew Valley Pam will oversee the bus stop just east of the farm once bus service is restored, allowing access to The Desert.

Pam can generally be found in her home until 12:00 pm when the bus service is not running. After a few hours at JojaMart, she’ll head to The Stardrop Saloon at 4:00 PM. Gus’ most devoted client is Pam. Evenings are spent at his establishment where she spends time with him.

The bus will not run on Spring 25 because Pam has a doctor’s appointment. Her bus service may be inactive on some days if she goes to Ginger Island’s beach resort if it’s unlocked. For this reason, the resort may be closed to tourists.

Stardew Valley Pam Routine

Stardew Valley Pam Routine

Pam will spend the majority of her time in her trailer if you haven’t fixed the bus yet. She spends her evenings in the Saloon with her best buddy Gus, who also happens to be the proprietor. From 10:10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., you can find her next to the bus if you have fixed it. She will transport you to the Calico Desert, and once there, time will not be an issue. You can remain as long as you like as long as you arrive home by 2:00 a.m., else you will drop out from lack of sleep.

Spring 25
08:00 She lounges in her trailer on the couch.
11:30 Visits the medical clinic for her annual checkup after leaving her trailer.
13:30 Her clinic checkup continues.
16:00 Goes to the saloon after leaving the clinic.
00:00 Heads home for the night after leaving the saloon.
Regular Schedule (No Bus Service)
08:00 She lounges in her trailer on the couch.
12:00 JojaMart is where she heads after leaving the trailer.
16:00 Goes to the saloon after leaving JojaMart.
00:00 Heads home after leaving the saloon.
Regular Schedule (Bus Service Restored)
08:00 She lounges in her trailer on the couch.
08:30 She leaves the trailer to take the bus to the stop east of the farm.
10:00 Afternoon arrival at the bus stop.
17:00 Arrives at the saloon after leaving the bus stop.
00:00 Heads home after leaving the saloon.

Family & Relationship: Pam Stardew Valley

Pam lives with her daughter, Penny at Stardew Valley Pam House. She goes to The Stardrop Saloon every evening to socialise.

Pam’s Gifts 

Pam's Gifts 

With just two gifts per week, you may easily become friends with Pam! However, you must be cautious about what you give Pam because she has a list of things she despises. Pam despises Holly, Octopus, and Squid, so stay away from them. Quartz, Eggs & Wild Horseradish should also be avoided.

Love: Stardew Valley Pam

Name Description Source Ingredients
Beer Drink moderately. The Stardrop Saloon


Wheat (1)
Cactus Fruit Cactus fruit that is sweet. Foraging – The Desert
Glazed Yams Delicious and satisfying. Caramel flavor comes from the sugar. Cooking Yam (1) Sugar (1)
Mead It is a fermented honey beverage. Drink moderately. Keg Honey (1)
Pale Ale Drink moderately. Keg Hops (1)
Parsnip Tubers that are closely related to carrots. Nutrient-rich and earthy, it tastes great. Farming – Spring
Parsnip Soup It’s hearty & fresh. Cooking Parsnip (1) Milk (1) Vinegar (1)
Piña Colada Drink moderately. Beach Resort on Sundays

Like: Stardew Valley Pam

Name Description Source
Daffodil This traditional spring flower is a lovely gift. Foraging – Spring

Neutral: Stardew Valley Pam

Name Description Source
Chanterelle An edible mushroom that smells fruity and tastes a little peppery. Foraging – Fall
Common Mushroom Good texture, slightly nutty. Foraging – Fall
Dandelion The leaves make an excellent salad, but the flower is not the prettiest. Spring
Ginger Roots with this sharp, spicy flavor boost vitality. Foraging – Ginger Island
Hazelnut That is one huge hazelnut! Foraging – Fall
Leek An onion relative that tastes good. Spring
Magma Cap Lava-loving mushrooms. They live in lava pools. Foraging – Volcano Dungeon
Morel Known for its unique nutty taste. Foraging – Spring
Purple Mushroom In caves, this mushroom grows rare. The Mines
Snow Yam The little yam hid beneath the snow. Foraging – Winter
Winter Root A starchy tuber. Foraging – Winter

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Dislike: Stardew Valley Pam

Name Description Source
Quartz Mines and caves are commonly home to this crystal. Foraging – Mines
Wild Horseradish It is a springtime root that is spicy. Foraging – Spring

Hate: Stardew Valley Hot Pam

Name Description Source
Holly Winter decorations include red berries and bright green leaves. Foraging – Winter
Octopus An intelligent & mysterious creature. Fishing
Squid Large deep-sea creatures are capable of growing to enormous sizes. Fishing

Concessions & Movies: Likes & Dislikes

1. It Howls In The Rain
2. Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion Picture
3. Mysterium
4. Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant World
5. The Brave Little Sapling
6. The Miracle At Coldstar Ranch
7. Zuzu City Express
8. Wumbus
1. Apple Slices
2. Black Licorice
3. Cappuccino Mousse Cake
4. Hummus Snack Pack
5. Kale Smoothie
6. Panzanella Salad
7. Jasmine Tea

Heart Events: Stardew Valley Pam

Heart Events: Stardew Valley Pam


Pam may send you a present in the mail if your friendship level is larger than zero friendship points. As your connection with Pam grows, your chances of receiving a present in the mail improve.

Three Hearts

You will receive a recipe from Pam once you have gotten 3 hearts from her.

Seven Hearts

You will receive a recipe once you reach seven hearts with Pam.

Nine Hearts

Visit Carpenter’s Shop to purchase the “Community Upgrade.” At least four days after the Community Upgrade is complete, enter Pam’s house after earning her nine hearts of friendship.

Quests: Pam House Stardew Valley

Quests: Pam House Stardew Valley

  1. “Pam is Thirsty”: On the 14th of July, Pam will write you a letter demanding a Pale Ale. The prize is 350 grammes of gold and one friendship heart.
  2. “Pam Needs Juice”: On the 19th of Fall, year 2, Pam will write you a letter asking for a Battery Pack. The prize is 400 grams of gold and one friendship heart.
  3. She may request an item from Pierre’s General Store’s “Help Wanted” board at any time. The prize is 3x the base value of the item plus 150 Friendship points.
  4. “Strong Stuff” is a title given to a group of people, Pam can request 12 Potato Juice at the Special Orders board for a prize of Gold 3,000 g and access to the F.I.B.S. television channel throughout the Spring.

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