How to Win Easter Egg Hunt Stardew Valley Map: Tips and Tricks

How to Win Easter Egg Hunt Stardew Valley Map: Tips and Tricks

Life in Stardew Valley means taking full enjoyment in numerous activities. First and foremost, you must manage your crops and breed animals. And the game offers you a variety of plot options for your interactions with villagers. Here you can make friends with other villagers and even become their best friends. Also, if you want to marry someone, then just work on your relations, and maybe you will get married to someone here. Who knows? The main attraction of Stardew Valley is Egg Hunt Festival, and if you miss this event then trust us you will regret it.

There are so many colored eggs in the town and your only goal is to find maximum eggs. And you are not alone in the game as many villagers will be participating in this festival. Trust us, it is almost impossible to win this game easily, so you will definitely need our help. So, we decided to help you by providing clever tips and tricks to find as many eggs as possible to win the festival’s competition. You will also learn in detail about the Egg Hund festival and how to Win Easter Egg Hunt Stardew Valley Map. But first, let’s check the timings first.

Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Festival Date and Time Explained

Egg hunt festival, date and time

The Stardew Valley festival starts in the early morning, check out the detailed timing below:

  • Date – 13th Spring
  • Time – 9 am to 2 pm
  • Location – Pelican Town
  • Back to Farm – 10 pm

Pre Hunt Activities In Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Festival

Activities in Egg hunt festival

When you arrive at the Egg Festival, the hunt will not start right away. Players have to socialize with other players and the people of the town. You will see the decorated Plaza with colorful decorations and eggs.

You can visit a booth nearby that has so many items to sell and the most attractive item is Strawberry Seeds which can be planted only in the Spring season. Also, it will take 8 days to get the seeds to mature.

The complete list of available items is:

  • Lawn Flamingo (400 gold)
  • Plush Bunny (2,000 gold)
  • Strawberry Seeds (100 gold)
  • Colorful Set (500 gold)
  • Seasonal Plant (350 gold)
  • Decorative Pitchfork (1,000 gold)
  • Pastel Banner (1,000 gold)

Egg Hunt Map For Stardew Valley

Egg Hunt Festival Map For Stardew Valley

Trust us, you can’t win the Egg Hunt festival that easily if you don’t know where to find the eggs. This task is extremely difficult because eggs are hidden and you have less time to discover them. 

The Egg Hunt Festival in Stardew Valley begins in the town plaza. Many participants are present, and few of them will engage in the tournament. A pop-up notification will appear when all players are ready. Don’t rush to get away from the square. This is because the first egg is buried behind a large tree on Square’s left side. One of the most typical areas to look for eggs is near Stardew Valley trees. Also, don’t forget to check behind Harvey’s Clinic.

Another piece of advice is to put up fences. Ready to lose if you’re looking for eggs in an open field. The safest options are trees, fences, and bushes. You will get one egg near every house, one in the trash can, the other one in the truck, and one egg near the trailer. Also, you have a high chance of finding at least eight eggs on the route from the Square plaza to the Bridge (Note that you will get an egg on that bridge). Around four eggs are concealed behind the Graveyard.

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And The Egg Hunt Festival Begins

festival begins

You’ll have 50 seconds to google maximum eggs as possible after the Egg Hunt begins. You must find a minimum of 9 eggs to win this tournament. If you can not, then Abigail will conquer. Based on the player’s numbers, the number of eggs necessary to reach will decrease. Two participants will require six eggs each, three participants will require five eggs, and four contestants will require four eggs.

You will earn a Straw Hat as a prize for winning the Egg Hunt Festival. Mayor Lewis will credit you with 1,000g if you have that item from the last Egg Hunt.

There will be 27 eggs in total that will be distributed around Pelican Town. Since we have already revealed the Stardew Valley Egg Hunt Map Location where you can find the eggs, you can collect more than nine. However, for additional eggs, you are not going to get any extra points. Even though the border of the Egg hunt festival still there are ho hidden eggs there. Overall, getting nine eggs will be rather simple if you move quickly. Rather than walking around the map, you should stick yourself to the eggs close to the place you are.

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After the color Egg Hunt festival ends, you will again be brought to the Farm. Here, you can either accomplish some farm activities or go to your bed and prepare for the next day.

The Egg Hunt Festival is not only full of colors but also is difficult to win. This is because you need to gather eggs on time and have to maintain a particular level of energy. Hence, we recommend that you eat something before going to this festival. If you miss eating, then visit any shop and buy something to munch.

To summarise, keep in mind that you just have 50 seconds for winning the Egg Hunt Festival. So, the key to win is searching the eggs behind the fences and trees. Best of luck!

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