How To Resolve Spotify Application Not Responding?- Guide

How To Resolve Spotify Application Not Responding?- Guide

With more than 65 million paying subscribers, Spotify is a wide-known music streaming service covering artists and their songs with a clean interface and affordable prices. You enjoy the automatically created playlists and other incredible features like Group sessions where you can host a private music session. But recently, the Spotify application is not responding as expected on Windows, Mac, Android, or iPhones.

Whether you’re taking benefit of its free version or you’re a user with a Premium plan, Spotify is the place to go for music. So, nothing can be worse than sitting down to hear your favorite music or listing few wild tracks for a party, only to find that the Spotify application is not responding. When this happens, you are left in an awkward position, because you can neither share your favorite playlist with your friends nor can’t start the party with divine tunes. 

Fortunately,  this post explores the best tricks and tips to resolve the issue of “Spotify application not responding”.Spotify application not responding,

Causes Behind Spotify Not Responding

There could be many reasons behind this problem. Spotify app might have recently launched a new update leading to the emergence of few minor bugs. Alternatively, the issue may be occurred from your side- from an antivirus or Firewall program. 

Another reason for encountering Spotify the application is not responding problem is corrupt app data. But you can repair this issue easily with just a few steps mentioned here. Let’s explore them.

Methods to Fix Spotify Application Not Responding

You can try out these effective solutions to repair Spotify Application not responding. Keep applying all the methods until you find the one that solves your problem. Let’s get started.

Solution 1: End Spotify Task and Reopen It

The first easy step to perform is to restart Spotify. You need to end the process and open the app again.

  • Access the “Task Manager” by right-tapping on “Start” then choosing “Task Manager”.
  • Tap on the first tab inside it i.e. “Process”.
  • Thereafter, right-tap on “Spotify”.

Spotify application is not responding

  • Now click “End Task”.
  • At last, start Spotify by tapping on it.

Once you start Spotify, check the issue still occurs or not.

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Solution 2: Enable Spotify To Run Under the Firewall

There are instances when the antivirus software and the Firewall become overprotective. Thus Sometimes, they block the communication and cause Spotify application not responding problem. Fix it by these steps:

  • Write “Security” in “Search” and choose “Windows Security”.
  • Then, click the option “Virus & Threat Protection”. 
  • Moving on hit “Manage Settings”.
  • Thereafter, locate “Exclusions”.
  • Now hit the cursor on the option “Add or Remove Exclusions”.
  • Tap on “Add an Exclusion”. Choose “Folder”. Now add the folder of Spotify as an exclusion.

the Spotify application is not responding windows 10

  • This step will add Spotify to the Microsoft Windows Defender write list. At last, check if Spotify works efficiently again.

Solution 3: Reinstall Spotify

Reinstalling the Spotify app is an obvious solution to this problem. By this step, you can fix the Spotify application that is not responding to Windows 10, MAC, iPhone, Android device, and iPad.

  • Firstly, click “Spotify” and choose “Quit Spotify”.
  • Now Open “Finder” >> “Go” >> “Library”. If you can’t see “Library” then hold “ALT”.
  • Open “Caches”. Delete the folder named “com.Spotify.Client”.

Spotify the application is not responding

  • Tap on “Back” then access Application Support.
  • Remove the Spotify folder.
  • At last, conclude the troubleshooting step by installing Spotify.
  • Firstly close “Spotify”.
  • Hover to “Control Panel”.
  • Tap on “Programs and Features”.
  • Choose “Spotify” and tap on “Uninstall”.

Spotify application not responding

  • If any instructions or prompts come then follow them.
  • Finally, conclude the step by reinstalling Spotify.
Windows 10
  • Firstly, open “Spotify”.
  • Select “File”.
  • Now click “Exit”.
  • Thereafter tap on “Start”.
  • Choose “Settings”.
  • Access “System” >> “Apps and Features”.
  • Now select “Spotify”.
  • Further, click Uninstall.
  • If a pop-up comes then click there to confirm.
  • In the end, conclude the step by reinstalling Spotify via Windows Apps Store.
  • Open your home screen.
  • Find the Spotify icon.
  • Now hold it until you find the app shaking.
  • Click the “X” symbol.
  • Now, open the App Store.
  • Search for “Spotify”.
  • At last, install Spotify.
  • Firstly, come to your home screen.
  • Find the icon of Spotify and keep holding it until it starts shaking.
  • Tap on the X symbol.
  • Head for your App Store and then search for Spotify.
  • Finally, install Spotify.
  • Firstly, Open your home screen.
  • Choose “Settings”, then “Apps”.
  • Locate “Spotify” on the app lists and choose it.
  • If you use an old device then navigate to “Settings” then >> “Applications” >> and thereafter “Manage Applications”.
  • Click “Clear Data”. In case, you use Android 6.0+, then click “Storage” >> “Clear Data”.
  • Tap on “Uninstall”.
  • Now you need to clean install by following the path – “Storage” >> “Android” >
    “Data”. Here remove the folder named “”.
  • At last, open “Google Play”, find Spotify, and install it.

This step will remove the Spotify application not responding problem.

Solution 4: Disabling Internet Connections 

In many cases, plugging off the cable or disabling Wi-Fi, before launching Spotify can prevent the same error to come back again. Just cease the way you are connected via the Internet and run Spotify. Once Spotify starts, you have to re-enable the connection then verify if the issue still appears.

Additional Tips (Using Driver Easy)

Check if you have installed appropriate drivers. It is important for users to update the drivers to the newest version to enable the system to run efficiently and prevent bugs.

You can either manually download the newest drivers online or do it automatically via “Driver Easy”. It recognizes your system automatically and identifies the appropriate drivers for it. By this, you will not have any worries about installing the incorrect driver or making any mistakes.

You can use its FREE or the Pro version. Using the Pro version will save your time as with just two clicks your problem can be solved. Also, you get 30-day money-back assurance and full support)

1) Start downloading and installing “Driver Easy”. 

2) Now run Driver Easy. Tap on “Scan Now”. Once you do that the Driver easy will start an auto-scan on your PC and identify any issue.

3) Thereafter, tap on “Update” to download as well as install the appropriate version. (This step is for free version)


Tap on “Update All”. It will auto-download the appropriate version of the missing or outdated drivers. (you need Pro version for this step)

Well, now you have reached the end of our techniques to resolve the Spotify application not responding problem. We hope that these solutions helped you repair this nagging Spotify issue and you are dancing to your favorite tunes. Don’t wait around—continue playing your favorite music and discovering new tracks on Spotify.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Q. 1 What issues lead to Spotify Application Not Responding?

Ans: This issue generally occurs when you already have the application running in the background. You can simply check the Task Manager on your device. If the app is already running the simply choose Spotify.exe and then click on “End Process”.

Q. 2 How to Fix Spotify Not Responding On Windows 10?

Ans: If you have encountered this issue then you can simply remove the cached data from your device to fix it. Simply follow these steps to clear cache data on your device:

  • Open Settings and then click on Apps.
  • Now choose the Spotify app from the list.
  • Now, Choose Storage and  Cache option.
  • After this, click on Clear Cache and then Clear data.
  • Restart the App again.

Q. 3 What If I Uninstall Spotify App?

Ans: It Won’t affect that Much. The app will be simply removed from your device.

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