Who is Sam in Stardew Valley? Know His Likes, Dislikes, Hates To Marry Him

Who is Sam in Stardew Valley? Know His Likes, Dislikes, Hates To Marry Him

Sam is among the 12 persons in Stardew Valley who can do both romance and marriage. He is Jodi and Kent’s son and has a younger brother named Vincent. You will not find  Sam’s father in Stardew Valley since he is away due to war but he comes back in the second year. You can meet him when Kent comes on the first of Spring to see you. Who is Sam Stardew?

Stardew Sam is a sociable and friendly man who enjoys playing guitar and skating. He has a dream to form a band including his friend Sebastian, but he’s not sure what kind of music to make. He enjoys going for walks and admiring the countryside, and he has a quirky way of describing what he sees, possibly indicating a talent for songwriting.

Sam despises authority and doesn’t get why he should obey someone he doesn’t recognize, such as the president or governors. He’s not scared to violate the law, and according to his friend Sebastian, he has the record of serving maximum community service hours inside the Stardew valley.

Sam Stardew works as a part-time worker at JojaMart, and he does not enjoy it there but he seems like he loves their cola. On Fridays, he visits his friend Abigail and Sebastian at the Stardrop Saloon to play billiards and hang out, though he isn’t particularly better at it and frequently gets upset, much to Sebastian’s delight.

Sam Stardew Valley Schedule

Sam Stardew Valley Schedule

Sam’s timetable changes dramatically from season to season because he is a more sophisticated NPC than others. Let’s go through his entire schedule during different seasons.

Spring: Sam works at Joja Mart, so you can obviously meet him there on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 12:50 p.m. until 4 p.m. 

Fall: During the fall season, Sam usually loves to spend his time practicing the guitar at his home, but in the evenings, you can catch him near Leah’s house in the woods. On the fall’s 11th, he frequently visits the doctor.

Winter: During winters, you can see him playing with his guitar in the fresh mornings and Saloon in the evenings.

Because Sam Stardew works at Joja Mart, he has extra free time left after the Community Center, thus he now spends more time in the Museum.

What does Sam Like in Stardew Valley?

What does Sam Like in Stardew Valley?

All villagers have some gifts that are Likes, Loves, Dislikes, Neutrals, and Hates. If you get a loved gift, you will earn 80 Friendship Points, for liked gifts you get 40, 20 for neutrals, dislikes will cost you -20, and in case you get hated gifts, then be ready to cost -40 points. 

To avoid confrontation, it is critical to be aware of what your peers dislike. Fortunately, Sam isn’t as picky as other communities, and there are a few things you can gift him.

If you’re planning to give some gifts to Sam, then go for his favorite things such as Maple Bars, Pizza, Cactus Fruit, and Tigerseye gem. An impressive thing is in his entire village, only he likes Joja Cola. Hence, if you have it, Sam Stardew will never turn it down.

Likes: Sam Stardew

The villagers of Pelican town do not like Joja Cola but Sam loves it to the maximum. Every villager considers it as a hate gift but Sam he likes it. So, you can find Joja Colas while fishing because they don’t give much energy during consumption. Also, you can sell it for 25g paltry.

Also, Stardew Valley Sam loves every Universal Likes gift, but with some exceptions:

  • Sam likes Artisan Goods for Mayonnaise or Pickles varieties, which Sam particularly hates.
  • He likes Stardew Valley Egg, but not Dinosaur Eggs and Void Eggs.
  • He likes Flowers, but not Poppies.
  • Sam likes each Cooking item, but not Pizza and Maple Bar.
  • He likes Neutral gifts; Seafoam Pudding and Strange Bun are Hatefts Universally.
  • He likes Fruit Tree Fruits but not Mango and Banana. He also likes Apples, Cherries, Pomegranates, Peaches, Oranges, and Apricots.
  • Sam likes Foraged Minerals but not Quartz, and he specifically dislikes it. So, he likes Frozen Tears, Earth Crystals, and Fire Quartz.
  • Sam dislikes vegetables, but he likes Hops, Wheat, and Tea Leaves that are Universal Neutrals. He also likes Maple Syrup and Life Elixir. 
  • He likes Gems but not Prismatic Shards (Universally loved).

Hence, if you give these gifts to Sam, then you have a chance of earning 40 Friendship Points. 


Stardew Valley Sam Loves

  • All Universal Loves
  • Cactus Fruit
  • Maple Bar
  • Pizza
  • Tigers eye


The list of Sam Neutral gifts is short, but scattered:

  • Sam is ambivalent about all Fruit, with the exception of Cactus Fruit, which he adores; Fruit Tree Fruit, which he enjoys; and Salmonberries, which he extremely dislikes.
  • He is neutral about Milk and Universally Neutral gifts such as Clams, Bread, Duck Feathers, Coral, Hops, Fried Eggs, Nautilus Shells, Roe, Squid Ink, Rainbow Shells, Tea Leaves, Sweet Gem Berries, Wheat, Truffles, and Wool.

These gifts will help you get 20 Friendship points. It is wise to store them for critical circumstances or prevent them as gifts.

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The list of Sam’s dislikes is a bit long but very important to remember. This is because, if you gift anything from the below list, then sorry, you are going to lose 20 points.

  • All Universal Dislikes (except Copper Bars, Coal, Gold Bars, Gold Ore, Iridium Bars, Iron Bars, Refined Quartz, Iridium Ore & Tigerseye)
  • All Vegetables
  • Chanterelle
  • Common Mushroom
  • Daffodil
  • Dandelion
  • Ginger
  • Hazelnut
  • Holly
  • Leek
  • Magma Cap
  • Morel
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Quartz
  • Salmonberry
  • Seaweed
  • Snow Yam
  • Wild Horseradish
  • Winter Root


This crucial list is important to note because you will lose 40 points if you ignore this list of what Sam Stardew hates.

  • All Universal Hates (except Seaweed and Joja Cola)
  • Coal
  • Copper Bar
  • Duck Mayonnaise
  • Gold Bar
  • Gold Ore
  • Iridium Bar
  • Iridium Ore
  • Iron Bar
  • Mayonnaise
  • Pickles
  • Refined Quartz

Important Reminder on Gifting Multipliers: Sam Stardew

Important Reminder on Gifting Multipliers: Sam Stardew

Remember that two factors will impact your gifts on the particular recipient: Quality and Special occasions. In case you are thinking about quality gifts then go for gold or silver to boost the quality. It multiplies like mentioned down:

  • Gold = x1.25 multiplier, + 30% effect
  • Silver = x1.1 multiplier, +20% effect
  • Normal = x1 multiplier, +No effect
  • Iridium = x1.5 multiplier, +40% effect

Special events or occasions mean birthdays and Winter Star festivals. When gifting an item at the Winter Star festival, the occasion will offer an x5 multiplier on those points that have been earned from the specific gift. Moreover, birthdays offer an x8 multiplier.

Sam Marriage Guide, Here is How to Marry Startdew Sam

Marriages in the famous Stardew Valley are the same as the real ones. Here you get showered with loads of gifts with your lover. This helps you raise the rating of friendships. Once you reach a sufficient level of friendship, you will be able to propose a courtship. And then with a Mermaid along with being married for three days. 

For marrying Sam, you have to have at least 10 friendship hearts, and 2500 friendship points. You can earn them easily if you actually know where you find them. To seal the deal, you need one farmhouse upgrade. This is because Sam needs space to sleep, and you can accomplish this only by purchasing it from Robin.

You also have to see your intended heart events to marry. After reaching 8 hearts, you will have to buy a bouquet to show your seriousness. The Pierre shop will sell these only once you get 8 hearts. Just buy one and show your commitment to Sam. But remember this is not going to get counted as your weekly gifts.

To marry Sam Sraedew, the participant has to buy a Mermaid’s Pendant to show a sign of love. You can make this happen by talking to Old Mariner at the beach on any rainy day around the wooden bridge. Also, before reaching this area, you will be needing to fix it with some 300 Wood. The Mariner will sell the Pendant after which you need to propose to Sam.

After proposing to him, you will get married after three days and Sam Stardew will shift into the new farmhouse.

Should You Marry Sam or Not?

Stardew valley marriage

Talking about the marriage candidates in the Stardew Valley, Sam is actually laid-back and kind around the farm. The spouses will do farm work with you on casual days such as mending fences, feeding animals, watering crops, etc but Sam does all this work with a self-assured and positive attitude. Sam’s happy attitude is perfect to look for a partner on the Stardew valley farm.

What Happens Once You get Married to Sam

Stardew valley marriage

Once the players have offered sufficient gifts to Sam, they can marry Sam Stardew. Note that after Sam Stardew marries, his entire schedule changes as he focuses on being with you more.

He will move into a new farmhouse with you and set up the bedroom just next to the players so that they can stay close and nice. He will also set a halfpipe at the back of the farmhouse to practice some skateboarding tricks.

After that, it is easy to get gifts from Sam on rainy nights and days such as a Coconut, Cactus Fruit, an Earth Crystal, a Pizza, or a Geode. You can find Sam in the farmhouse if he is not busy doing skateboard tricks.

Sam’s Questions

Sam Stardew can ask you a random question on Wednesdays regarding a song he’s going to write. He’ll also ask you how he should write, and your response will either gain or lose your friendship points. However, the choice is rather obvious. You have the following question options:

  • Farming, chopping wood, and mining
  • A city somewhere in the sea
  • Trains

If you’re really observant, you may have realized that the last option will damage you several friendship points, precisely -50. All three of the initial answers will help you gain 30 friendship points each.

Important Note For Friendship Damage: Sam Stardew

One thing worth noting while performing everyday routines is that if you spend a day without interacting with the villagers in Stardew Valley, then your relationship with them will deteriorate. In Sam’s instance, if you are not formally courting yet, implying you have not handed Sam a flower to commence a courtship, spending a day without communicating to him would result in a -2 point friendship damage daily.

Once hitched, the damage that happens if you go a day without talking to your partner is a shocking -20 points every day, so make sure to talk to your partner prior to you commence your farm duties.

So, that’s nearly everything there is to discover about Sam Stardew valley! Now you know what Sam likes, loves, hates, and dislikes. This knowledge will help you marry Sam and enjoy a happy life.

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