How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7361-1253? – [Resolved]

How to Fix Netflix Error Code M7361-1253? – [Resolved]

Netflix is the best platform to enjoy the streaming of different genres but the users can face hindrances while watching some shows and dramas with the appearing of different errors. In this guide, we are going to discuss one such Netflix error code: m7361-1253. So, if you are also facing trouble with this error and want to know the troubleshooting to get rid of the same. Then, read this whole article containing every related thing that you should need to know about this error.

Now let’s take a brief of the error issue by moving into the next section that covers what is error code: m7361-1253. Through this, you will also get a basic understanding of the error.error code: m7361-1253

What is Error Code: M7361-1253

The user usually encounters error code: m7361-1253 on Netflix when there are some issues with the network connectivity. The error can hinder the system from streaming movies and other shows on the world’s best streaming application.

As all other errors appear in the system due to some reasons, so Netflix error code m7361-1253 also occurs due to some factors that trigger the error issue. In order to know about them, the user needs to proceed to the next section.

Factors That Trigger Netflix Error Code: m7361-1253

Below is the list of some common causes that arise the Netflix error code: m7361-1253 into the system and hinder the streaming joy.

  • Hardware Acceleration that is said to be the built-in feature of Google Chrome can lead to the Netflix error code m7361 1253.
  • When the browser does not support HTML 5 then again the user can encounter the error.
  • If there is faulty network connectivity then again get ready for the error.
  • Not deleting and clearing the browser cookies can also arise the error code: m7361-1253 Netflix into the system.

How can I fix Netflix error code: m7361-1253

In order to erase the Netflix error code: m7361-1253 from the system and other devices that are used for streaming, the user needs to perform some troubleshooting that will surely help in resolving the error issue. So, without wasting the time, let’s move on to the solutions and erase the error from the system.

Solution 1: Update the Browser

You can easily start the procedure of updating the browser with these leading 8 steps and resolve error code: m7361-1253 in no time. So, start the procedure by following these steps that include.

  1. Try to open Google Chrome.
  2. Hit the menu icon appearing like three dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Next, tap on help.
  4. Now, the user needs to select About Google Chrome.How To Fix netflix error code: m7361-1253
  5. This will enable you to see the present version of the browser.
  6. The available updates will automatically be installed for the m7361-1253
  7. Once done with the process, tap on relaunch.
  8. At the end, the user needs to launch Netflix.

Solution 2: Disable and Enable Hardware Acceleration

In order to disable and enable the hardware acceleration, the user needs to perform these easy steps.

  1. Double-click on Google Chrome.
  2. Hit the settings and proceed to advanced settings.Chrome Advanced Settings
  3. Click on system and Choose Use hardware acceleration when available.
  4. Now, the user needs to first disable and then enable hardware error code: m7361-1253
  5. Try to restart the browser.
  6. Once done with restarting the Chrome, try to connect the Netflix VPN and play any movie to check the error issue.
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Solution 3: Restart the Computer

Restarting the system and computer can solve so many error issues related to other applications and software. We will try the same method for rectifying the error code: m7361-1253 Netflix. Now, let’s start the procedure with the steps provided below:Windows Restart

  • Tap on the start button. 
  • Hit shut down in windows 7.
  • If you are a user of Windows 8.1, then move the mouse to the left corner.
  • Perform a right-click on the start. 
  • You can also press the Windows key and X key.
  • Tap on shut down or sign out.
  • Windows 10 users can click on start.
  • Choose power and hit shutdown.
  • Try to restart the system after some time.
  • End the process by opening Netflix and check if Netflix error code m7361-1253 persists or not.

Solution 4: Change the browser

Changing the browser can provide better help to fix the Netflix error code: m7361-1253. It will enhance the streaming if you use a browser that is supportive of HTML5. You need to ensure that the browser contains all the latest updates available and you can now start your Netflix VPN through this application.

 Solution 5: Modify Audio Sample Rate

The audio sample rate is the number of audio carries samples every second. Modifying the audio sample rate is one of the best fixes of error code: m7361-1253 Netflix. Follow the procedure with these steps below:

  • Right-click on the speaker appearing in the lower right corner of the taskbar.
  • Select playback devices.
  • Now, choose the playback device with a green checkmark.


  • Perform a right-click on the playback device and select properties. 
  • Substitute, you can also tap on speaker or headphones.
  • Try to open the advanced tab.
  • Moving ahead by changing the audio sample rate through lower and higher frequency.

error code: m7361-1253

  • Click on apply and hit OK.
  • Try to launch Netflix and watch any movie and show without any hindrance created by Netflix error code m7361-1253.

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Solution 6: Disable Antivirus Software

Antivirus and firewalls by blocking the path and creating hindrances into the system lead to so many errors. Netflix error code m7361 1253 is one such error. In order to disable them as soon as possible, read the steps below:

  • Move to the taskbar and look for the icon of the antivirus software.
  • Perform a right-click on the same.

Disable Antivirus

  • Choose disable and exit from the program.
  • Try to connect the Netflix VPN.
  • Now, the user needs to check the error by streaming movies. If you find no disturbance of the error then try to update the antivirus software.

Solution 7: Verify ISP Restrictions

The user is recommended that they should confirm the Internet Service Provider aka ISP for the access of Netflix. If you use a public wifi network then again ISP becomes restricted. If the error code: m7361-1253 caused by the public wifi network then the user can switch to cellular data with better speed.

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Solution 8: Try to delete Browser cookies

If you have not cleared the browser cookies then do it now as it can trigger the error code: m7361-1253 Netflix. So, try these steps to enjoy error-free streaming.Netflix Cookies

  • Enter “” in the browser and try to delete the cookies.
  • If the cookies are deleted, then the user can automatically be logged out from the Netflix account.
  • Try to connect the Netflix VPN.
  • Type the credentials so that you can log in again.
  • In the end, play any movie or show and check if the error code: m7361-1253 disappeared from the system or not.

Winding Up!

We hope that all these solutions will resolve the Netflix error code m7361-1253. After fixing this error, You can watch your Favorite shows online like Korean Dramas, Asian Dramas, etc. As Netflix is among the list of top Kdrama Sites.

If you find this article relevant and if it resolves all your queries related to the error issue. Then, share how relevant and thoughtful you find this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Que: 1 How do I fix error M7361-1253?

  • Go to the menu.
  • Choose help.
  • Click on about Google Chrome.
  • You will see the current version and automatically install available updates.
  • Click relaunch.
  • Stream Netflix again.

Que: 2 Why is Netflix giving me error code: m7361-1253?

  • Due to hardware acceleration.
  • The browser does not support HTML 5.
  • Faulty Network connectivity.

Que: 3 Solutions to resolve Netflix error code m7361-1253?

  • Disable antivirus
  • Update browser
  • Change browser
  • Restart the system

Que: 4 What is a Netflix error M7361-1253?

The user usually encounters error code: m7361-1253 on Netflix when there are some issues with the network connectivity. The error can hinder the system from streaming movies and other shows on the world’s best streaming application.

Que: 5 How can I disable antivirus to resolve Netflix error M7361-1253?

  • Click the taskbar.
  • Right-click on the antivirus icon.
  • Select disable and exit from the program.
  • Connect the Netflix VPN
  • Check the error.

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