Where To Find Linus Basket Stardew Valley? – Complete Guide

Where To Find Linus Basket Stardew Valley? – Complete Guide

If We talk about the most interesting part of the Stardew Valley game then it’s the Quests. The game is filled with different quests which you will receive from different villagers. On Completing these quests, you will be rewarded. You can keep a track of all these quests in the journal. There are two different ways through which you can get these quests. The very first way is that you can receive the Quests from the bulleting board at Pierre’s General Store or you will receive the Story quests on your Email. However, there are some quests that you might find difficulty in finding. One of the examples of these quests is Linus Basket Stardew Valley Missing.

In this article, We will discuss one of such Quests of Stardew Valley.linus basket stardew valley

However, People assume this quest as difficult, but it’s not that much. Since there is no clue about the location and position of the basket, hence people consider it to be difficult. Also, Even the Townpeople and the Linus also don’t provide any information about the missing basket. Hence, We will help you with some quick ways to find this Quest.

In this Guide, You will get complete details on how to find Stardew Valley Linus Basket Quests and how you can solve them easily.

Brief About Stardew Valley Linus Basket

In Stardew Valley, Linus is considered to be the most interesting and different character who is also referred to as “Outsider Who Lives in A Tent”. There are various reasons that make him different from his fellow villagers. Instead of People, he loves to spend his time with nature. Along with this, he is also equipped with certain tools that make it easier for him to manage his lifestyle. His Basket is one of his tools which he uses during the fall to collect the berries.

NOTE: Linus is considered to be the most important non-player Characters in the Stardew Valley Game. While mining, If you get Injured or Pass out then linus will help you to get out of the mine. In Case of any danger, he will be there to rescue you.

However, If you wish to increase your friendship points with Linus then you can help him in finding his Basket. You will get a letter regarding this Quest. You will receive this letter during the 8th fall when Linus will lose his basket and he will request you to help him in getting his basket back.

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Where Is Linus Basket Stardew Valley?

You can find the Stardew Valley Linus Blackberry basket by following the steps mentioned below. The exact location where you can find the basket is pretty much weird actually. You can never expect the you will find the basket here:linus blackberry basket stardew valley

  • In the beginning, Take the right exit of your farm and then move towards the bus station.
  • Now, At your Left, Move into the tunnel which will end at a complete dead-end path.
  • At the very end of this tunnel, You will find Linus’s berry basket which will be filled with blackberry juice.
  • After this, Pick the basket and head towards the location where Linus lives. You will find it on the way to Mining, which is a tent above the robin’s house.
  • Now,  You just need to move towards Linus and the basket will be transferred automatically to the Linus inventory. After receiving it, He will “Thank You” for returning his basket to him and you will get 1 friendship point with Linus for completing the quests.stardew valley linus blackberry basket
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Hence, If you don’t wish to spend much time Solving these weird Quests then you can follow this guide to easily locate the Linus basket Stardew valley. Since the quest is pretty challenging and difficult, it can be really difficult to find this missing basket. However, If you wish to spend some time in Stardew Valley Farms and tunnels then you can have some fun finding this missing basket on your own.

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