How to Earn Money Online On Swagbucks ? – [Complete Guide]

How to Earn Money Online On Swagbucks ? – [Complete Guide]

I have been making ways to several other money-making online sites but no one fascinates me as Swagbucks does. It is no secret how popular this site is all over the internet. In this guide, I will bring up an honest Swagbucks review. So, hold together till the end, and let’s know how to earn Swagbucks fast.

But before jumping directly to the ways of earning swag bucks. Let’s first consider what is Swagbucks to have a general idea about the site.

Swagbucks: General InformationSwagbucks

Swagbucks is an online platform that honors the user with SB aka Swagbucks for finishing different tasks and accomplishing certain actions online. These SBs are the earning points of the user that you can cash in for gift cards.

The list of gift cards includes Amazon gift cards, Swagbucks gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Visa gift cards, and lots more. Not only that but you can also earn gift cards for free travel, hotel, and airline sites.

After getting the idea of all these gift cards. Now, you may think that how you can earn SB for gift cards with Swagbucks. Well, if you are thinking the same question then do not worry as we will bring you the answer in the next part. So, let’s jump into it.

How to Earn Swagbucks fast?

Swagbucks offers various ways to earn points to get each gift card and PayPal cash. These ways include doing online searches, printing coupons, accomplishing special offers, signing up for offers, and taking polls. Rather than these, there are several other ways offered by the site which are discussed later. If you want to know about them then follow each and every part of it.

Is Swagbucks a Legit Site? 

It is a human tendency to test the efficiency of a thing or an item that sounds too good to be true. Well, I am also in the initial days of using the site think like the same way like what if the site proves to be a fraud and does not reward me anything according to my performance.

But, I thought that let’s just give it a try, and after receiving multiple gift cards every month, here I’m to help everyone out there who has some doubts with Swagbucks. By getting all the answers to your questions and queries regarding the site, you might consume more time in making money online.

If you still have the reason for not believing me then just visit the Swagbucks page and read there the review segment. With different reviews of millions of users, you will conclude that Swagbucks is a legit site.

How Does Swagbucks Work?Earn Swagbucks

Want to know how to use Swagbucks and how does Swagbucks works?

The first and foremost thing for you to do is to sign up for a free Swagbucks account. It’s an easy peasy way to earn points instantly. With just the signing up process, your account will be credited with 5$ (1$ = 100 SBs).

It would be great if you set an earning goal each day and try to accomplish the same. Adding on, there would be no need to spend most of your hours completing the task as put in 5 to 15 minutes each day can add more SB into your account.

How much Swagbucks makes you Earn?

As I mentioned earlier, without consuming much of your time you can easily earn $5 to $20 per month in Amazon gift cards.

Although, if you want to gain more in less time then I prefer to check out the Swagbucks TV. It is best for all people out there who spend a lot of time working on the internet. Therefore, you can add to your account by watching Swagbucks TV each day while working online or through your smartphone apps.

Consequently, be ready with your referral link if you have friends who think to try out Swagbucks. Passing out the link can add gift cards to your and your friend’s accounts.

Is it Mandatory to Refer people to make money?

No, it is not mandatory to refer people to make money. You can earn money without referrals as well.

However, Swagbucks provides a great referral program that will make you earn 10% of your referral’s lifetime earnings. Certainly, it is an interesting way to increase earnings.

At the moment of sharing your referral link with your friends. Don’t forget to tell your friends about it in the blog. So that, they can also get a chance to knock at the door of Swagbucks.

How to Redeem Swagbucks?

After you get success in collecting enough Swagbucks to cash in for a gift card. You only need to log into your account and make a request for the gift card. Once done with that, confirm the request and then you will acknowledge that the gift card will show up in the account within a few weeks.

If you are wondering what are the different gift cards to choose from then check the list below having VISA, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, Steam, and many more. Furthermore, you can even exchange your Swagbucks for straight cash via PayPal.

These SB can turn into cash. For instance, if you are having 300 or 500 SB then it means the cash would be $3 or $5. Not only that, but you can also save up your SB and cash in for some adventurous holiday and biggies at the mark of $25, $50, $100, and many more as Swagbucks never disappoints you with offers and gift cards.

Is Swagbucks Really Worth the time?

You can easily find lots of Swagbucks reviews on the internet but when it comes to this question, it becomes rare to find the answer. But, here in this part, you will receive all your answers.

It would be best for students who are in high school and want some extra money that contains the easiest and funniest task. These SBs adds some spice to their life through which they can fulfill their desire.

Swagbucks is like a dream come true for many people out there who are not provided enough for the jobs they offer. Swagbucks comes with some strategic ways to payout that even if you consume 10 to 20 minutes in it, you will be rewarded $0.50 and $2-3 per hour.

For some people, it might be a time-wasting site but people like me who face odds in life and don’t have a lot of immediate options can consider these kinds of online money-making services from Swagbucks where you are paying out for just doing day-to-day activities.

Well, many of you told you that making money in Swagbucks is really tough but it is not that much tough and hard. You only need to remove this assumption from your mind and make Swagbucks the part of your life to do daily activities and tasks.

By consuming a little bit of extra time you can earn a few SBs. This will again make a huge amount of SBs into your account.

How to Make Money on Swagbucks?

By and large, this is my Swagbucks review. From here, you can get an idea of whether the site is useful to you or not. If yes, then move on to this section where we are discussing the best 15 ways to make money online. You will also be provided the tips and tricks to have the best result of using Swagbucks. Now, let’s continue with the guide.

  1. Print Couponshow to use swagbucks

Isn’t it amazing that just by printing coupons we can add more SBs into our account? You can easily earn $.001 per coupon printed which means up to 50 SBs per day. It is noted that the process requires 48 hours to be credited to your account.

To spot the coupons, you have to navigate to the Discover and then Grocery Coupons. In addition, you can earn 25 SB for every coupon redeemed in-store. Well, it might be an interesting deal but you should also aware of the fact that it takes up to 12 weeks to show up in your account.

2. Answer QuestionsEarn Money Online on Swagbucks

Swagbucks provides 10 multiple choice questions to the user through which they can earn 2 SB for every question. Well, there are limitations to it once they have shown you all of the questions but you can easily do it multiple times.

The user needs to tap on Answer to find this offer and then navigate to the far right side.

Important: It is very crucial to do as it gives the site a general idea about what requirements you are seeking in a product and also provides you more survey opportunities. According to my experience, it is best to have better survey opportunities by answering these questions.

3. Look over Swagbucks Inbox

To check Swagbucks inbox, the user needs to tap on the little mailbox icon showing in the upper right corner and then look over the inbox. Like an inbox, this also provides you a list of few offers to earn easy Swagbucks. For instance, watching a video and earn 1 SB or tap on the article and earn 3 to 5 SB.

If you ask for my experience, then I just tap on any of the emails that say 1-5 SB offers and carry out the further procedure of accomplishing the task. It can be time-consuming for some of the users but it is worth earning SB in less than 30 seconds.

4. Use Swagbutton on your BrowserOnline Money Earning Swagbucks

If you are a user of Chrome or Safari try to install the Swagbutton to your browser. The user needs to spot the button at the bottom of the menu on the lefthand side of your screen. Ensure to perform this task after successful login.

Swagbutton is a kind of little extension that you can add to the top of the browser under the bookmarks or menu area. It’s not just based on my experience but many other users claim that it is the most efficient tool of Swagbucks.

The button keeps on notifying you of daily tasks and activities. It reminds us to activate the cashback and use Swagbucks on a daily basis.

It is a good option for the user who works from the computer all day. As you will never miss a swag code and enter the Swag code right from the Swagbutton.

A Lot About Swagbutton

Swagbutton is a good companion that does most of the help in securing SB. With all the functions provided above, it also brings the survey opportunities according to your profile. With 10 minutes surveys, you can add 50 SB. I have noticed that most surveys provided by Swagbutton will get success as compared to the previous ones which are brought by the Swagbucks site.

All in all, Swagbutton is the path that leads us to our motive of earning a particular number of SB. without it, we can miss out on cashback opportunities, swag codes, survey earnings, and many more. So, if you really want to earn well with the site then make sure to install it.

Not only this but Swagbutton also offers a bonus of 100 SB at the time of referring Swagbutton referral link. When your friend installs and uses it within 30 days, your account will be credited with 100 SB.

5. Complete To-Do ListEarn Swagbucks

After successfully log into Swagbucks, navigate to the lefthand sidebar for the daily to-do list. Now, tap on each of the items on the list. The task will be shown in front of you.

When you finish all of the tasks on your list each day then a bonus will be given to you. Don’t think that it can be time-consuming because most of them just need some seconds to complete.

Now if you are having a shortage of time then just perform six tasks each day and welcome a smaller bonus in your account.

6. Play Gameshow to use swagbucks

Play a few games from Swagbucks and earn up to 10 SB every day.

To play these games, you need to visit Play on the sidebar and then select Swagasaurus Run. Swagbucks provide you 2 SB for every two games you play. Just spend their 30-60 seconds in the game and win around 10 SB total per day.

If you are having kids then just enjoy lots of SB into your account.

7. Play Videos in the Background while you workEarn Money Online on Swagbucks

In your office timing and any kind of job, you can easily play videos in the background on your devices no matter what it is. While doing some household chores, while playing indoor games, and while watching your favorite movie, just tap on the play button and gains the prize for the activities which you are not actually doing.

Tips to Earn More with Swagbucks Videos

Well, there are lots of benefits to Swagbucks videos but they cannot be availed if you don’t make it a habit. To earn more with the videos, first of all, set a particular time at which you are not seeing your phone. Then just play the video by turning off the sound and resume your work. Sometimes, the video stops in the middle then try to check in during some intervals. If you are not doing so then the video restarts from the beginning and you have to watch it from the start.

It should be noted that most of the videos consist of movie trailers that might not as entertaining as you are thinking. Furthermore, it can drain the phone battery also. So, try to play videos when your phone is plugged in.

8. Download the Swagbucks Answers App

Completing various stages of surveys leads you towards Gold Surveys on Swagbucks. In this stage, the user gains around 50-100 Swagbucks daily. Like any other, the user has to give answers to many other surveys.

But, sometimes these surveys develop a great frustration in our mind and body. For this reason, we should use the Swagbucks Answers app to go with the flow of Swagbucks surveys. You can easily take the surveys with your mobile app while doing several activities.

Try to consider those surveys that take less than 15 minutes and provide at least 50 SB. In that sense, you can easily bring more SB to your account.

9. Play Swago Each MonthSwagbucks Money

Swago is the most popular game of Swagbucks. If you are not playing SWAGO on your mobile device then play it now for earning better.

Well, we all played BINGO during our childhood. SWAGO gives you the same feeling. You can say that SWAGO is the bingo of Swagbucks. With each square, the person has appointed some activities that need to be performed in order to get a fair reward.

The user needs to select the pattern and submit the board for bonus SB as it occurs once or twice per month. According to several users, SWAGO makes them earn a bonus above 160 SB. So, just submit your SWAGO board for the upcoming month and use it now.

10. Refer Your FriendsSwagbucks Money Online

If you have any of your friends that show interest in Swagbucks then make them sign up with your referral code. Don’t try to miss this opportunity as you will get 10% of their earnings not for today or tomorrow but for a lifetime. But, don’t forget that time period would be erased if your friend is not earning or using Swagbucks.

So make sure that as long as they are using Swagbucks you are earning SB.

11. Sign Up for Trial Offers Through Swagbucks

Do you want to try meal delivery boxes, Hulu, Graze, BarkBox, and other subscription-based services?

If yes then verify twice if Swagbucks make you earn for the first trial offers. You can easily earn BIG Swagbucks for signing up for the trial through Swagbucks.

For instance, you can have 4000 SB on your first HelloFresh box, 1000 SB at the time of signing up for Hulu, 3500 Swagbucks on the first Schwan’s delivery, 4000 SB when the user is trying BarkBox for the first time, 2000 SB on your first HomeChef box, 500 SB on the first IntaCart purchase and lots more.

If you want to get SBs then don’t hesitate to sign up for the trial to earn SB. So, if you are planning to try them out then move ahead.

12. Submit your Grocery ReceiptsEarn Swagbucks Online

With the Swagbucks answer app, you not only can pass out all the frustrating surveys but also submit your grocery receipts to earn 2 SB.

Whenever you are acquiring any kind of grocery receipt from purchasing personal care items, household, home decor, and groceries, try to take a photo of the receipt and submit the same in the app. With this simple process, you can add 2 SB per receipt.

Make a habit of keeping all your receipts and submit the same in the app. It is another quick and easy way to get a few extra SB each week.

13. Join the Swagbucks Swaggernauts Facebook Group

Swagbucks Swaggernauts is a  Facebook Group that comes with exciting tips, tricks, and ideas to earn more SB. If you want to aware of all other different things that they post then join the group.

14. Hit Your Daily Goals Each Day

At the time of logging in, there comes a tab named daily goal at the top of the screen. The goals are updated each day and the user needs to complete them to get the SB bonus.

After finishing the first goal, you need to hit a second bonus goal that provides you with even more Swagbucks.  When the month comes to an end, you require to confirm the monthly bonus and all the daily goals will be rewarded to you.

Hitting the second goal each day provides you 5-8 extra Swagbucks per day. That means to have 150-240 bonus SB per month.

In addition to that, you can also have winning streak bonuses for completing the daily goals multiple days in a row

  • The bonus of 25 SB on 7 days in a row.
  • Another bonus will be granted of 100 SB on 14 days in a row.
  • A bonus of 200 SB on 21 days in a row.
  • And lastly, a bonus of 300 SB on 31 days in a row.

15. Book your Travel with Swagbucks

If you are planning to buy airline tickets or book hotels online then check out Swagbucks for better cashback offers.

Swagbucks offers a great variety of cashback offers for many travel sites. If you want to use Swagbucks for booking tickets then navigate to the shop section on the lefthand sidebar and then tap on Travel. Spot the travel site that you want to purchase your tickets or book your hotel. Keep in mind that Swagbucks needs a week to do the whole process.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

  • How Many Swagbucks is equal to 1$?

100 Swagbucks =1$ You can easily earn these Swagbucks by playing videos, filling surveys, and other activities. You can then redeem Swagbucks into cash or different gift cards such as Amazon, Steam, Xbox, etc.

  • Is Swagbucks Legal?

Yes, It is absolutely Legal, People all across the world are earning money online on Swagbucks. There are various online activities that users have to complete in order to earn Swagbucks.

  • How Many Swagbucks I Can earn in a day?

In general, You can earn in-between 200-500 Swagbucks daily.

Last Verdict!

Well, this is all about the Swagbucks. With this guide, you can get an idea of what other different ways it provides us to make money online. You can opt for any of the 15 ways brought to you and save for holidays and occasions. I hope that this guide resolves all your doubts about this site. However, if you have any other doubt then notify us in the comment section. Also, don’t forget to bookmark the site for other resourceful content.

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