How to Bypass Human Verification? [Tips & Tricks]

How to Bypass Human Verification? [Tips & Tricks]

We all get frustrated when our device screen prompts with a text saying “Complete survey for human verification.”The text usually occurs when the user doing some task related to downloading. If your system and device also have the same survey and you want to know how to bypass human verification then read this whole article containing everything that you need to know.

In this article, you will gonna have some methods that will help you to bypass human verification surveys 2021. So, if it is frustrating you with its questions and tasks then you are in the right place. You just need to follow this article where you will get the ideas of how to bypass human verification on android and on any kind of device that you are using.

What is the Human Verification Message?

how to bypass human verification

Human Verification Message generally occurs in the system when the user tries to download any software or program in an unofficial way. The website gives us a set of surveys that we need to complete. The process of answering all these questions appearing in the system is called Human verification.

how to bypass human verification on android 100

When the user completes one step and moves toward the download link then it provides more tasks to him/her like sharing the websites with other people or installing some apps. In order to download that desired file, we go through all the steps without any hesitation. But, at last, we will get to know that all this is a scam and has nothing to do with the link. 

These Human verification websites have nothing to do with the files you want to download as they generate their source of income from ads and such kinds of surveys. So, never ever thought that through the steps they will provide you the desired link. Completing those irritatable tasks is like digging a hole for yourself. So, avoid answering their questions and skips these kinds of surveys that only provide frustration to you.

In this guide, we will help you with some methods that you can perform to bypass the Human Verification Surveys. So, read the guide below.

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How to Bypass Human Verification?

However, there are some fake sites that are generating their source of income with these human verification surveys but there are other good and legitimate sites too that can provide you access to the download link without manifesting these sets of surveys. In order to find those legitimate sites and to bypass the survey website, you have to perform these methods below. 

1. Editing the Page Element

This method can be a little tricky but it proves an effective one. Rather than, most used Google chrome, this technique can work on other browsers. So, don’t worry if you are having some other browsers installed in your system as the steps below are almost the same in every browser.

  • Go to that link that brings the human verification message on your device.
  • Now, you have to keep this in mind to press F12 before the message prompts. You can also right-click on the website and click on inspect as a substitute. If you become unable to reload the website then give it one more try.

how to bypass human verification on android 100

  • Now, choose the option #12(0 * 0).

how to bypass human verification surveys 2021

  • Move ahead by clicking on the human verification text that will highlight the ID of the block. It will be good if you write this in your notebook or remember it.
  • Then, delete the ID by right-clicking on it.

how to bypass human verification for generators

  • To eradicate all the text, do steps 4 and 5 again.
  • Now, from the keyboard press Ctrl + F and enter the Id from step 4.

human verification

  • Delete all the instances of that ID.
  • After performing all the steps, shut the element inspector and start downloading your file.

survey bypass android

These steps will work as a survey blocker for android and any other device that you are using.

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2. Ad-Blockers

survey blocker for android

You can perform this method too but it depends on your own luck whether it will provide you the result that you want or not because many websites disable the function of these ad-blockers. But yet, you can try it because it is not as tricky and long as the previous one.

  • The first step requires you to download and install an ad blocker on the device you are using.
  • Navigate to the website that pops up the message.
  • Now, just check if the human verification message prompts or not. If, it is not then this method will work for you.
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3. No Script

survey bypass website

JavaScript is used by many websites that earn through these human verification surveys. Through NoScript, you can remove this sole feature of the website and you can easily bypass the survey website. In order to use it on your device, you have to perform these steps below:

  • First of all, go to this link and complete the process of downloading and installing it.
  • Move back to the website that prompts the message.
  • Now, you will easily get rid of the surveys bypassing websites.

4. Visit the Link again

We cannot say that this method will work for you or not. But, you can give it a try. The thing that you need to do here is to close those websites that give you ad links and human verification messages. After closing all those websites, visit the link again and download your file. This way you can easily bypass human verification for generators. 

Wrap Up!

We hope that all these methods will prove beneficial to you and you can easily bypass human verifications surveys 2021. After performing all the steps, if you still get the human verification message then you will come across an illegitimate site. 

And, one thing that we forgot to tell you is that all the methods can work on any device. So, if you are having an android and any other device, you can easily create a survey blocker for android and for other devices as well, and lastly, don’t forget to share your experience with us with the above methods in the comment section.

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