8 Awesome Ways To Get Free Netflix Account in 2021 [Working Methods]

Netflix is emerging as the best entertaining platform with a diversity of different languages and cultures. Whether it be of Bollywood, Hollywood, anime, and South Korean Drama, Netflix brings all these genres together to its fans. During the pandemic, Netflix comes as the savior for people fighting loneliness. It brings the audience closer to the actors and sets up a new definition of theatre where everyone can have their own taste.  The craze of Netflix evolving day-by-day and the audience are subscribing to packages for having a royal coaster ride on it. But, if the ride becomes free then the craze would be double. Through these tricks, you can have a free ride on Netflix. Read the full article to know how to get Free Netflix Account.

What if I tell you that you do not have to pay for Netflix and you can get all the Netflix service free. Isn’t it shook you?  Yes, I also get amazed when I learn about these amazing ways to get free Netflix. You can also have it as I mentioned all the super-duper amazing ways below.  You just need to read the full article containing all the ways that lead you to achieve Netflix free. So, let’s start the article with a quick briefing on Netflix.

What is Netflix?

free netflix account generator

We all know that Netflix serves us digital content but earlier it was a subscription-based DVD service that turns into the streaming platform in 2017 to stream content according to the user’s demand. Netflix is the top-notch digital content platform that has erases all the conventional modes of entertainment and brings it to our phones, desktop, tablet, and other devices. Netflix has its fans or subscribers across the world because of its boundless entertaining sources.

The shows and web series like GOT aka Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, Friends, and 13 reasons why lift Netflix into the list of the top entertaining platform. Having the knowledge about your favorite entertainment platform lets move towards the main subject of how to get a free Netflix account.

How to Get Netflix Account Free?

netflix account free,

1. Register for the Free Trial

Through this process, you can use the account for at least one month. You can easily sign-in and use it without any subscription and also cancel your subscription after the completion of the time. Now, let’s focus on the steps required to register for the free trial.

  • First, go to any device which you find comfortable to use Netflix and google www.netflix.com.

free netflix account generator

  • Hit Join Now.
  • Go to plans
  • Choose Basic plans or other plans.

netflix account free

  • Now, create the account that you want to add to Netflix.
  • Also, create a trial account through email and sign in.
  • Select your payment method credit or debit card options.
  • Type your mobile number.
  • Choose the devices to view.
  • Now, go to the share account and enter the member name if you want to share it with another person.

free netflix account and password

  • You are good to go to have a free Netflix try.

2. Netflix Mod Apk

free netflix account generator

With Netflix Mod Apk, you can have the taste of Netflix as it reflected in the name itself. The procedure to use it is also easy and smooth as it only requires to be downloaded on your device and you do not need to waste your time in the sign-in process. When you finished download, start the procedure you just need to follow the step guide and you can easily watch binge movies and series.

3. Media Box HD

This is another program that you can consider using Netflix for free. In order to enjoy this program, you only need to download it and provide some permissions that will make all the videos appear for free. 

Not only this, the app can be used on all kinds of platforms whether it be android, ios, and iPad. So, you don’t have to worry about if this will run on your device or not. Not only Netflix, but you can also watch here amazon prime, HBO, and Netflix series, movies, etc.free netflix account

4. Sharing Netflix

A Shared Netflix account can provide you access to Netflix. You can ask your family and friends to share their Netflix account with you. Receiving the free Netflix account you can easily have the madness of Netflix without paying any penny.

There is another way too. In order to pay the minimal amount to Netflix, you can divide the amount by two or three according to the number of members going to have a Netflix subscription.

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5. Netflix Cookies

netflix cookies

You can also get a free Netflix account by using Netflix Cookies. Netflix Cookies provide you great help in having the Netflix free account but it required you to follow the steps below. So let’s move into the below steps:

  1. The first step you need to do is to open the chrome browser and download the EditThisCookie extension.
  2. Now, move towards www.netflix.com.
  3. Then, select the Editthiscookie tab and then choose import.
  4.  At last, paste a Netflix cookie to get access to Netflix shows and movies.

6. Jio Postpaid Plans

If you have your mobile sim in Jio then you are very lucky as this platform is offering some incredible offers that can help you to access Netflix free. Not only Netflix but you can have entertainment from other sources as well like amazon prime, Disney+Hotstar, and Vodafone. So, now see what kind of postpaid plans jio offers.Jio Plans - netflix free account

In Jio, you can have postpaid plans like Rs 399, Rs 599, Rs 799, Rs 999, and Rs 1,499. You can choose whatever suits you better and can enjoy Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+hotstar.

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7. Promo code 

You cannot have access to a free Netflix account but through the use of promo codes, you only have to spend a little penny to buy a Netflix subscription and you are good to go in the flow of Netflix.

8. Free Netflix accounts and passwords

free netflix account and password,

Through these accounts and passwords, you can access the free Netflix account. Use this to have Netflix and chill.

Free Netflix Account 1
Account Validity30 Days
Account Type4 Screen UHD
Creation DateMarch 16, 2021
Free Netflix Account 2
Account Validity30
Account Type4 Screen UHD
Creation DateMarch 16, 2021
Free Netflix Account 3
Account Validity60
Account Type4 Screen UHD
Creation DateMarch 16, 2021
Free Netflix Account 4
Account Validity30
Account Type4 Screen UHD
Creation DateMarch 16, 2021
Free Netflix Account 5
Account Validity30
Account Type4 Screen UHD
Creation DateMarch 16, 2021


We hope all these methods and ways would work for you and you can have access to the full cinema in front of your devices. If you don’t find any method suitable for you then you can easily opt for the next one as there are not only one or two methods but eight. You can easily try them and enjoy Netflix for free sure. We hope you like this article. Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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