How Can I Get Free Apex Coins? [Awesome Tricks]

How Can I Get Free Apex Coins? [Awesome Tricks]

Many battle royale games have come and gone but Apex Legends becomes the only game that stays for a longer time and sets up a new record in the gaming industry. Due to its popularity among gamers, Apex Legends emerges as the most popular battle royale game. Whether it be about its graphics and other gaming features, this game never disappoints the players with its unique content and new updates that will fascinate the gamers to play it more. Apex Legends does not get the titles and awards like the best evolving game, and the best multiplayer game respawns overnight. But, it is due to its super-dynamic elements or contents that are added to this game with an aim to keep the gamers engaged. The contents of the game increase its value. Getting Free Apex Coins is One such element or content that brings so many titles to this game.

As we all know how much the craze for coins is increasing day by day so Apex Legends uses it as the engaging source of the game. These coins grant players the access to unlock many super-dynamic features whether it be cosmetic and a whole new character, these coins work as the engaging source of the game. Due to these coins’ features, the players will become curious and tend to the game. If you are one such player and the gamer who want to gain more and more coins and that to be free, then, read this whole article containing all the methods that you can apply to get free apex coins.

So, let’s get started with the article.

What is Apex Coins?

free apex legends coins

Apex Coins are the currencies that can help you buy these things.

  • New Legends
  • Store exclusive cosmetics
  • Crafting Metals
  • Legend Tokens

Usually, apex coins need to be purchased using real amounts but here we are going to discuss more ways to have free apex coins without giving a penny. Read the article below to see ways of getting these coins free.

How to Get Free Apex Coins?

You can try all these hacks to access free apex coins. Before starting the procedure, ensure yourself to follow each and every step.

1. Apex free coins using amazon gift cards

Amazon gift cards can be used to have apex-free coins. All you have to do is getting Amazon gift cards and use them to get free apex coins. You can also get apex coins at a cheaper price with amazon coupons.

apex coins free

You can also use this website which is famous for its free gift cards. You will get points after shopping, finishing surveys, watching videos and so much more. With this site, you cannot directly buy Apex coins but through the collection of the points you can have an amazon gift card and with this card, you can finally have apex coins. If you are having $10 amazon gift cards then you can easily get 1000 free apex coins.

apex legends hacks

This is another site that works almost the same as Swagbucks. On this site also you can have $10 amazon gift cards through completing surveys, watching videos, and logging in daily, and with these amazon gift cards, you can easily buy 1000 apex coins.

2. Subscribe to Streamers and Youtubers Apex Legends 

These Streamers and YouTubers of Apex Legends always come up with giveaways that will turn into a reward for the one who won it as they provide apex coins to the genuine lover of the game. 

So, if you want to go to another level and unlocking the magnificent characters that wait for you then follow these big youtube channels having a genuine apex fan following. You can follow the Comic Gamer Kids channel and others as well who keep hosting giveaways.

3. r/apexlegends

how to get legend tokens

This subreddit is also famous for hosting giveaways. By following them, you will receive not only the apex coins but the awesome tricks and tips of the game. They will surely provide you so much help and wealth with lots of apex coins.

4. Take part in Tournament to get coins

how to get free apex coins

If you are a true gamer and really awesome at playing apex legends then you can participate Apex legend tournament and take so much money, prizes, and apex coins with you. The only thing you should consider is to choose a better team that can beat all the players playing in the tournament against you.

5. Battle Pass

free apex legends coins

This method is the tricky one as it is not easy as the previous ones. It is quite risky as well. For instance, if you lose then you will be all finished and if you won then you will be promoted to the next level. Let’s read more about this.

Through the battle pass, you will only receive 50 free apex coins and have to spend around 950 apex coins to take participate in it. Although, all your money will be given back to you when you reached level 97. 

So, these all are the tricky and simple methods that you can perform to get free apex coins. But, if you don’t know how will they be used then they will be worthless. Read a little more about how to use free apex coin codes.

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How Can I Use Free Apex Coins Codes?

As apex legends can be played on three devices. So, we include here how to use free apex coin codes in all of these three platforms. You can check them below and use free apex coin codes according to the steps which suit you.

1. Xbox

If you are using Xbox for playing Apex Legends then read the step below:

  • Go to the Xbox Game Store.
  • Choose to use a code.
  • Now, type the product code and you will see the balance appearing on your account.

2. PC

For the PC users, these steps would be followed.

  • From your browser log into your EA account.
  • Then, log into Origin.
  • Select Redeem product code.

apex coins free,

  • Type the product code and choose next.
  • At last, in this step also you will see the balance.

3. PS4

PS4 users require to follow these steps.

  • Go to the PlayStation store.
  • Choose redeem codes.

apex legends hacks

  • Type the product code and the balance will appear.

Say no to Apex Coin Generators No Human Verification

These No Human Verification apex coins websites do not provide anything in return and make innocent people do so many tasks like completing surveys or installing apps in the fake promise of giving them rewards. So, say no and stay away from any such websites as they will harm your system with the apps they tell you to download.

Wrap Up!

We hope that this article solves all your queries related to how to get free apex coins. If you find this article relevant then please tell us in the comment section. We would be more grateful to have your thoughts on this article.

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