4 Facts About Leo You Probably Didn’t Know – Stardew Valley Leo

4 Facts About Leo You Probably Didn’t Know – Stardew Valley Leo

Stardew Valley is among the top leading role-playing video games available on Android, iOS, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. In this farming simulator, players have to play the character who takes over the farm of their deceased grandfather in Stardew Valley. Once they settle in, the player develops relationships with other villagers, sells products, mines ores, crafts goods, raises livestock and grows crops. 

Above all, each character has their own quests, interests, gifts, daily routine, and a lot more. Even after countless hours of playing Stardew Valley, players don’t know much about the Leo Stardew Valley character. That means players have much more to discover about this simple yet mysterious town of Stardew Valley. So, let’s learn some crazy facts about Leo without further ado. 

Amazing Facts About Stardew Valley Leoleo stardew Valley

  1. Leo’s Birthday

Leo was born on July 26th, and if you’re thinking about giving something special to Leo, then this would be the best time to do it. Like other Stardew Valley characters, Leo usually accepts two gifts every week, which will help you increase your level of friendship with him. During Leo’s birthday, he accepts more gifts than usual, which will have an eight-times better effect than giving things throughout the year. 

After giving something Leo likes or loves, he would say, “You remembered my birthday! Thank you. “Or “a birthday gift? That’s very kind of you! I love it. “It will positively impact your friendship. However, if you give him something he doesn’t like or hate, Leo will say, “Oh… It’s for my birthday?… Thanks.” So, be mindful when choosing Leo gifts stardew valley, as it will make or break your relationship with him.

  1. Ginger IslandLeo Stardew Valley Facts

In Stardew Valley Leo hails from Ginger Island, which is situated in the Fern Islands archipelago. Players can reach there by repairing the boat available in the backyard of Willy’s Fish Shop. However, you must buy tickets from the community center to fix the boat. 

Leo doesn’t have any parents, as they disappear into the sea. Even though Leo lives alone, he considers the birds (especially parrots) living on Ginger Island, his family. 

  1. Does Leo Give You Gifts?

There is only one thing that Leo rewards players in Stardew Valley with: a recipe for his special dish. Once you and Leo reach a three-heart friendship level, he will send you a special letter, which will include the recipes for a tropical food made from both coconuts and mango and mango sticky rice. It will also improve the health points by 50 and the energy by 113 for the player. 

  1. The Schedule

So, where can you find Leo in Stardew Valley? 

On a regular day, Leo likes to hang out near the volcano on Island North, the parrot perch on the Island South, or by the hut. On Tuesdays, Leo goes to the parrot vendor, then to the jungle, then to the dock. However, on Sundays, he would visit the banana shrine. During the summer and spring, he will go to the playground, the mountain lake, and the museum. In the winter, you will find him shopping at the night market. Finally, Leo visits the parrot vendor and the community center in the fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Leo Move In With You Stardew Valley?

Yes, when you have a six-heart level of friendship with Leo, he will move with you to the Stardew Valley, where he built friendships with Vincent, Jas, and Linus. 

How Do You Get A Leo To Talk To You Stardew?

He will be too shy to speak whenever you meet Leo for the first time. He will not utter a single word out of his mouth. If you want Leo to talk to you, you need to befriend all the parrots inhabiting Ginger Island. How do you do that? It’s pretty easy. You just need to feed them golden walnuts. However, more than 130 golden walnuts are scattered around the island. These are only obtainable through breaking crates, mining, fishing, farming, killing monsters, and exploration. You will need 10 golden walnuts to get Leo to talk. 

Can You Marry Leo Stardew Valley?

According to the Leo Stardew Valley 1.5 update, players can not marry Leo yet in this farming simulator. Like other NPCs, befriending Leo will unlock different rewards and events. You can build a better relationship with Leo instead of considering him a marriageable character. 

What Gift Does Leo Like?

Unlike other characters in the village, Leo Stardew Valley likes quite a few things, like Spice Berry, Sea Urchin, Rainbow Shell, Quartz, Nautilus Shell, Mango Sticky Rice, and Dragon Tooth. You can obtain the dragon tooth by exploring the volcano dungeon, or monsters can drop it. Apart from that, by foraging, you can find spice berry, sea urchins, rainbow shells, quartz, and nautilus shells. And cooking helps you get one of the favorite Stardew Valley Leo gifts, i.e., Mango Sticky Rise. 

What Are Leo Favorite Gifts Stardew?

Leo loves many things, such as poi, ostrich eggs, mango, and duck feathers. You can get poi by cooking mangoes from mango trees and ripping feathers from ducks. You can get ostrich eggs from ostriches. Once you collect these things, you can give them to Leo to build a healthy and strong relationship with him. 

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