Best Survey, Shopping, and Gaming Apps That Pay You Real Money

Best Survey, Shopping, and Gaming Apps That Pay You Real Money

Most of the eyes you see around, where are they looking at?? Of Course the smartphones. But you must be amazed to know that sliding our fingers on the smartphones, walking with them and many more things that we do, each and every activity can make you money. Shocked or not?? We were too.

That’s why we are here today. To make you know the worth of your phones and apps that pay you real money, we will set you towards earning a good passive income every month.

Moreover, we have classified these apps into different categories for your benefit. We want you to go for the app that suits you the best and let’s get ready to go for all the apps that pay you money.

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List Of Apps That Pay Your Real Money

Apps That Pay You to Drive

DoorDashApps That Pay You

What You Need To Do: DoorDash works and pays you when you complete a certain number of deliveries every month. Drive & earn together.

What You Earn: DoorDash “Dashers” get $25 an hour as food delivery drivers.

InstacartApps That Pay You Real Money

What You Need To Do: One can use Instacart and get paid to shop and deliver groceries to people. You can get weekly payouts along with a flexible schedule.

What You Earn: Instacart offers an average of potential earnings for every order & assures that shoppers will earn around $5 for each successful delivery per batch & $6 to $10 for a full-service batch.

PostmatesPostmates - Earn Money From Apps

What You Need To Do: Using Postmates, you need to deliver takeout orders, so ride, walk or drive to complete local deliveries in your area & get paid.

What You Earn: 1) Invitee Payout: You can get $150 for each person you invite that completes 75 deliveries in 30 days. 2) You can earn a guaranteed $600 for 75 deliveries completed in 30 days.

Lyft & Uberlyft and Uber app

What You Need To Do: With these two best cab sharing apps that pay you money, you need to drive the neighbors around.

What You Earn: After cutting all expenses, drivers for Uber & Lyft earn between $8.60 and $11.90 per hour.

ShiptApps That Pay You Money

What You Need To Do: With the Shipt app, you need to take your vehicles out and deliver fresh food, essentials, and medicines to the Shipt members.

What You Earn: You can earn up to $22 an hour with successful deliveries to Shipt members.

Hurdlrhurdlr app

What You Need To Do: This app Hurdlr works all by itself if you are a delivery driver or rideshare. It tracks expenses, mileage, income streams, & other tax deductions in real-time.

What You Earn: With this app Hurdlr perfectly used, you can easily work on your tax deductions with up to $5600.

Incredible Apps That Pay You Real Money Just for Using Your Phone

Nielsen Computer & Mobile PanelNielsen App

What You Need To Do: With the app Nielsen Computer & Mobile panel, you just need to share the internet user behaviors and get paid for such a small thing.

What You Earn: You can earn up to $50 per year with this app. Further, you can redeem these earnings for prizes & other coupons.

HoneygainHoneygain App-Earn Money Online

What you Need To Do: With the app Honeygain, you need to just share your mobile internet data with data scientists. Your objective is to share 10 GB of unused net traffic with data scientists per day.

What You Earn: The current price for Network Sharing is 1 credit for every 10 MB of traffic via your network and thus, 10 GB = $1 USD. So, you can easily earn up to $30 a month.

MobileXpressionEarn Money - MobileXpression

What You Need To Do: With MobileXpression, you just need to exchange your mobile unused internet data with them & get paid. Just let the app run in your background & it will auto-pay you every month.

What You Earn: This app pays you $1.35 every week by just running in your background & exchanging the unused mobile data.


Onmyway money App

What You Need To Do: This app OnMyWay rewards you for being a safe driver. This app tracks your location, detects your speed limit & mobile use. With all its calculations, you will get rewarded after your ride is complete.

What You Earn: This app pays you 5 cents per mile & an extra 2 cents for each mile driven by anyone you had referred service to.

Mystery Shopping and Audit Apps

Field AgentField Agent - Make Money Online

What You Need To Do: The app Field Agent gives you a list of tasks based on your location. If you are driving around & the store in the app list is somewhere nearby, you just need to accept the task & begin earning money. Our basic task is to check the inventory & evaluate product displays.

What You Earn: You can earn $3 to $10 per piece evaluation as it depends on the complexity & time involved.

ShopkickShopick App to earn

What You Need To Do: In the app Shopkick, you need to do shopping with a linked card, view online products, scan barcodes on selected products, watch videos, & visit online stores.

What You Earn: You earn 250 kicks to get to $1. So, 250 kicks mean $1 cashback, & you can redeem them for free gift cards once you get to 500 kicks. Thus, 500 kicks equal $2.

GigwalkGigwalk - Apps that pay you

What You Need To Do: The app Gigwalk works the same as the app Field Agent. It connects users to do the contract work including testing mobile apps, taking photos for store displays, mystery shopping & other delivery services.

What You Earn: Gig pays you $5 to $200 and it all depends on your location & nature of work.

Apps That Pay You to Exercise

HealthyWageHealtyWage - Earn To Lose Weigt

What You Need To Do: This app HealthyWage follows the concept of earning money by putting your weight loss aims and goals in their app. You can place a bet on your weight goals and earn easily.

What You Earn: You need to work in teams of 4 to 9 and your team can win from $1000 to $10,000.

SweatcoinWalk To Earn

What You Need To Do: If you love walking, then this app will pay you for your hobby. The Sweatcoin app pays you passive income just for walking. 

What You Earn: The app pays you in its “coin” currency, but you can spend your points on goods and experiences.

Rover and WagRover and Wag - Which One is best

What You Need To Do: Users get paid to walk dogs using Rover and Wag apps. Pet sitters can make twice as much money as non-boarding pet sitters if they offer overnight dog and cat boarding. Tip earning is also possible.

Also, there is a large database of dog owners who are searching for help from people like you.

What You Earn: It is reported that top dog walkers earn around $1000 each month on Rover.

AchievementAchievement App to earn

What You Need To Do: This app Achievement helps you to earn money by tracking your steps, logging meals, sleeping, opting into challenges, tweeting, completing surveys, etc.

What You Earn: You can earn points and for every 10,000 points, you get $10 cash. You can redeem your cash credits via Paypal or your connected bank account.

Apps That Pay You Real Money By Taking Surveys and Playing Games

Believe us, there are hundreds of ways through which you can earn some extra money. One such way includes sharing your thoughts and opinions with the brands. We have listed these apps that facilitate those surveys. 

Also, note that these apps will not make you bags of money because these things take time. However, the apps can add a minimum of $20-30 a month if you use them regularly. 

Let’s find out the right money-making apps that help you make extra side money by just taking surveys and playing games.

MistplayMistplay App for gamers

What You Need To Do: Mistplay is a worldwide known app having more than 10 million downloads. It is an incredible app, where you can win real prizes just by installing games.

What You Earn: This money-making app rewards you for finding and playing games on your mobile phone. This app is for Android only.

The best part is, the number of games you play decides the “Units” you will earn. After that, you can cash out those units for buying gift cards and rewards for your stores. Isn’t amazing? 

Blackout BingoBlackout Bingo App

What You Need To Do: This is one of the famous game apps that pay you real money. It is a powerful game of skill as well as speed. Once you download Blackout Bingo, just pick a name and an avatar. After that, you have to play a practice game to match you with an opponent as per your performance.

What You Earn: It is a competitive game app where you can win rewards as well as cash prizes. Just spend two minutes on this game and earn a Daub after hitting three bingo matches.

Solitaire CubeSolitaire Cube

What You Need To Do: The fast touch controls and smooth animations make users earn money while enjoying this gaming app. 

This well-rated Android and iOS game app throws you against the players that have the same skills as you. All users get a similar deck and the players who complete the game with the most points win.

What You Earn: Some Solitaire Cube members like Katie N. have got around $380,980 by this gaming app only.

SwagbucksSwagbucks- Fill Surveys To Earn

What You Need To Do: With the app Swagbucks, you can earn by online shopping, playing games, answering surveys, and watching videos. 

What You Earn: Swagbucks offers you cash and free gift cards for the daily things you do online. Many major retailers cash out the gift cards such as Xbox gift Cards, Free Steam Wallet Gift Card, etc. you get. The app has paid more than a hundred million dollars to its users over the last few years.

Survey JunkieSurvey Junkie

What You Need To Do: With the app Survey Junkie, you have to share your opinions with various partner brands. By this, you can be an influencer. 

What You Earn: It is one of the famous apps that pay you money by surveys. The app offers gifts cards that you can cash out from PayPal. More than 3 million members trust this app, so get started today.

InboxDollarsInbox Dollars

What You Need To Do: You have to answer the survey questions of InboxDollars from your phone. Also, you just have to sign-up in the app to get a $5 bonus.

What You Earn: Users can earn $5 the moment they sign up with the app. Also, InboxDollars pays you real dollars around $0.50 and $5. However, there are instances, when the offers rise to $25 or more. The app pays you just for shopping, watching TV, and completing offers via the app.


What You Need To Do: You have to play virtual “scratch-off” games that this app offers. Also, you only need to watch advertisements to earn money.

What You Earn: This interesting app pays you gift cards and sweepstakes once you earn a specific number of points.  The prizes range from $25 to $10,000, with millions of winners already.

More Game and Survey Apps That Pay You Money

Opinion Outpost Opinion Outposts

You can get Amazon gift cards or cash-out at $5 via PayPal. Also, every survey brings you into a quarterly $10,000 drawing.

Toluna Influencers Toluna Influencers

Here, you get paid for speaking your opinions and give feedback on popular brands. Some highest-paying surveys easily pay the users around $17 worth of Toluna points. You can redeem the points for either gift cards or cash via PayPal.

Prize Rebel Prize Rebel App

This online survey site is one of the apps that pay you well. Here, you can easily earn upto $12 per hour by just doing surveys and finishing other tasks. 

Current Rewards (For Android Only) Current Rewards app

You just have to play games and listen to music to earn from this app. You can redeem the points for amazing gift cards. This concept is cool among users and thousands of users have received gift cards. 

Apps That Pay You Money in The Form of Cashbacks 

Cashback apps are the first category you should be aware of. There are many of these that will give you free money simply by tracking what you are currently spending. This is in addition to any credit card rewards you already get. Let’s check out the list.

PeiPEi App

What You Need To Do: You just have to link your credit and debit cards to get exciting Cash Rewards. Then spend as you normally do to collect rewards! 

What You Earn: After syncing your bank card, the users can earn up to 10% cash-back automatically at 100,000+ stores and restaurants. PayPal and Bitcoin can be used to cash out once you reach $25.

Fetch RewardsFetch Rewards

What You Need To Do: Snap a photo of your receipts to earn extra cashback. There are 250+ widely known brands featuring on the Fetch app, and you can earn points by buying any of them.

What You Earn: Using your points, you can purchase gift cards at retailers like Sephora, Best Buy, Gap, Staples, and more. You can utilize the points to get Amazon gift cards. Fetch Rewards is my favorite app because it makes things so easy.

Rakuten (Formerly Known as Ebates)Rakuten Logo

What You Need To Do: Click the store you want to shop at on the Rakuten App or Rakuten website. If you make a purchase, you’ll receive Cash Back automatically. Also, you can choose how you would like to receive the Cash Back – either by check or PayPal.

What You Earn: Cashback is easily available in-store as well as through an extension that allows online cashback. Users can earn up to 40% cashback when they shop with any retailer.

IbottaIbotta App

What You Need To Do: Users have to check the Ibotta app every week for cashback on groceries, though it’s more difficult to use than Fetch. To purchase offers or any products, you need to browse store listings and choose. The cashback will be automatically credited to your account the moment you snap a picture of your receipt.

What You Earn: The average Ibotta Savers can easily earn $130 every year by just using the app! With gift cards or PayPal, you can cash out the rewards.

DoshDosh - Earn Cashback

What You Need To Do: With Dosh, you don’t have to scan codes or upload receipts. When you shop at Dosh and eat at its partner restaurants, you’ll receive the cashback automatically. Get huge cashback on shopping, dining, and hotel bookings with this app.

What You Earn: Dosh offers you earn cashback at 600,000 hotels for booking through its app.

NCP MobileNCP Mobile App

What You Need To Do: In addition to participating in surveys, playing games, and other activities, you’ll also earn rewards through their grocery app by telling them what you buy. Do not restrict your shopping rewards to groceries alone. You should also let them know how much you spent on gas and prescriptions by snapping the bar code of the item to get exciting deals. 

What You Earn: Earn points per transmission based on how long you’ve used the app. You will earn 150 points at the beginning. With time, the number of points you earn will increase, by year 5, you’ll have earned around 280 points per year.

EarnyEarny - Earn Cashback

What You Need To Do: Earny app basically gets connected to the user’s email where purchase receipts and notifications are received.

After gathering these details, the app tracks your purchases and money spent. Then you can claim the money if the item’s price falls down within the prescribed period.

What You Earn: With the Earny money paying app, you can quickly receive cash back at the time you shop online. Also, you get refunds when the price falls.

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Freebird Freebird App

What You Need To Do: When users use Uber or Lyft and dine out with Freebird, they receive cashback rewards. Check the FreeBird app first before planning your cash-back money-saving offer for a drink, lunch, or dinner.

What You Earn: You’ll earn points each time when you take Lyft or Uber rides (which can be redeemed for cash).


What You Need To Do: Claiming an offer will help you save some money on groceries, gas, and restaurants. You can combine the coupons with loyalty programs, discount codes, and other coupon codes to receive unlimited earnings.

What To Earn: Upside apps can earn customers up to 25 cents per gallon at more than 5,000 gas stations on the east side and Gulf Coast, from Shell to Exxon (not to mention Marathon, Sunoco, etc.).

Receipt HogReceipt Hog

What You Need To Do: You can earn money by uploading your purchase receipts. Your receipts are then utilized for marketing research. Just snap the receipt pics from any cafe, store, and restaurant.

What You Earn: Gain incentives by earning spins, Coins, and sweepstakes prizes from the Receipt Hog mobile app. The Amazon gift cards and Sweepstakes entries can be redeemed via PayPal.

More Apps That Pay You Real Money


Car rental space is available through Getaround. There are times when your car is just inside the garage and idling. From the card that sits idle, you can earn around $500 monthly.

In many travel destination companies, fresh cards are in demand.

Your car can be leased through Getaround and rented. The process of listing your car takes less than ten minutes. Now earn money.

TrimApps that Pay you - Trim

Trim is technically a program rather than an app that helps you save money. Users just have to sign up, install the app, and then connect their respective accounts to the program “Trim”.

You’ll be given advice on how to save money by observing how much money you spend. 

The ways include doing negotiations to minimize your bills, such as Internet and cable. Not only this, but Trim also cancels the recurring charges and forgotten subscriptions costing you hard-earned money every month.

NeighborNeighbor App

Neighbor connects those who need storage with those with excess space. Here you can fill your extra storage space and get paid if you have some space left in your garage or elsewhere. Additionally, hosting own mini self-storage facilities have offers hosts the opportunity to earn up to $15,000 a year.

AirbnbAirBNB - Rent your Place

Booking sites like Airbnb are becoming popular for businesses. Here, you can rent out an extra room to others and earn money. It could cost as much as $40 to $300 per night, depending on your competition. 

TaskRabbitPerform SIdegigs to Earn

TaskRabbit is a huge sharing economy platform where users can make a profile excelling in many things such as assembling furniture, running local errands,   virtual support jobs, and even local admin temp help.

Charges may vary according to the services you provide. As per your skills, you can charge anywhere between $15 and $100 per hour.

Game Apps That Pay You Real Money For Selling Stuff

What about earning money by cleaning your closet? Interesting right? There are many people out there who are making extra money by selling part-time on Amazon and eBay. Below are some of the most popular apps that let you earn money quickly by selling stuff.

We’ll explore the best platforms that give you money-earning opportunities besides Amazon and eBay.

Bookscouter Sell Books at Bookscouter

What You Need To Do: Just scan the barcodes of the books that have value. After that, the app searches the ISBN to check how much your books cost at various sites. Then you can decide which site is good to sell the book at a generous amount.

What You Earn: Users make earning through affiliate marketing by sending your purchase or sale to the site offering the maximum price.

FlypSell on Flypp App

What You Need To Do: In the free Flyp app you need to resell. The app allows you to connect with the people having products such as shoes, clothes, and accessories they want to sell. 

What You Earn: You bid on items and get a commission of around 30-50%. You receive funds from the app by direct deposit using Venmo, Apple Pay, Cash App, PayPal.

DecluttrDecluttr app

What You Need To Do: You just have to sell your used DVDs, CDs, video games, tablets, and via the Decluttr app.

What You Earn: The app will inform you of the worth of your products and gives you a shipping label. Through this, you can earn cash.

Amazon Seller AppAmazon Seller App - Sell Online

What You Need To Do: Using this app, you have to scan the barcodes of products and check how much they are selling for in AMAzon and what profit you will get.

What You Earn: You can earn around $600 using this app. 

PoshmarkPOshmark - Sell to earn

What You Need To Do: You just have to sell your used accessories and clothing online. Also, you get a prepaid shipping label for free. Take pics from your mobile and load up on the Poshmark app, pick categories, and write the description. 

What You Earn: The more you sell clothes and accessories, the more cash you earn.

TradesySell Your Closet - tradesy

What You Need To Do: Here you can sell authentic items from big brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Coach. Just verify your item’s authenticity and sell your product.

What You Earn: Sellers offer a 19.8% commission on those products that are sold for $50 or more. After that, you can conveniently withdraw your extra earnings.

OfferUpOffer Up

What You Need To Do: The free app allows you to sell your products or stuff locally. You can sell furniture, electronics, and even cars. Just take a snap and start selling.

What You Earn: The more items you sell, the more cash you earn.

All in all, we have put our best efforts to give you a list of all the apps that pay you real money. We hope you will use this category-wise list above to make yourself some passive income every month. Go! My Friend!! Install the apps & start earning money. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

Q1 Apps That Pay You Real Money are authentic or fraud?

You can turn your phone into a money-making machine by using money-making apps.  There are hundreds of apps through which you can earn some extra money.

Q2 What are some gaming apps that pay you?

Some of the best gaming apps to earn money are Mistplay,  Swagbucks, and others. 

You can earn some extra money by playing interesting games and answering surveys. 

If a few of these ideas piqued your interest, consider giving them a shot. From gaming, shopping, eating to survey apps, we have listed everything for you. Please let us know your results in the comments below so we can help future readers! 

Q3 What are some best apps that pay you real money?

Some best cashback apps are Drop, Pei, Fetch Rewards, and Ibotta. Pei works at numerous locations without any receipts or scans.

Q4 On which apps can I get money by exercising or walking?

There are tons of apps that offer you real money for walking, such as Sweatcoin, HealthyWage, Achievement, Rover, and Wag.

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