Stardew Valley Ancient Fruit : Tips To Find It & Get Profits

Stardew Valley Ancient Fruit : Tips To Find It & Get Profits

Playing the Stardew Valley game means taking part in fun activities and thrilling challenges to level up. It allows players to perform all kinds of activities from farming to discovering different landscapes. The most important feature of this game is its farming system where players grow different varieties of plants and crops. One such rare item is the Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley which is harvested on your farm and takes almost a month to grow. Growing this rare fruit takes patience and determination. It can be used for various purposes such as a gift, component, especially for genie pants, to make an expensive wine costing a minimum of 1,650g, and whatnot. 

The ancient fruit enables players to earn a huge amount of gold in a short time. But the challenging part is that you can’t obtain ancient fruit seeds easily. And without seeds, it is obvious that you can’t grow this rare item on your farm. So, let’s learn the best tips and tricks to get the ancient fruit seeds. 

Here is How to Get Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley

Here is How to Get Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley

Finding the ancient fruit seed artifact is probably the simplest approach to acquiring an ancient seed. Despite the fact that both the seeds as well as the artifact have the same name, still they are quite distinct. There are multiple techniques to locate the artifact.

You can find Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley by digging up the spots of artifacts (such as tiles with worms and insects peeking out), artifact troves acquired by the desert traders,  treasure chests acquired from fishing, island quarry, bug enemies drop, and trimming down shrubs in Stardew Valley’s mine.

Players will be willing to take the ancient fruit seed to the nearest museum and offer it to Gunther. While this is useful for finishing the museum collection, Gunther will also provide the participants with the plantable form of the ancient seed (officially referred to as “ancient seeds) as well as the crafting recipe for making more.

The ancient seed artifact is the only ingredient of the crafting recipe, therefore learning how to produce it won’t make collecting the ancient seeds any faster than it was before.

The Stardew Valley’s ancient fruit seeds can be obtained from the Traveling Cart, which arrives on Fridays and Sundays in the Cindersap Forest of the Stardew Valley. When mixing the produces in the seed maker with other products, there’s a possibility you’ll get ancient fruit seeds instead of the seeds from the produce you had put.

Planting The Seeds and Growing The Ancient Fruit 

Planting the seeds to get Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley

After obtaining the seeds for planting, players can move ahead and plant the seeds in any season except winter. After planting them, wait for a minimum of 28 days to allow the seeds to get matured. Once matured, the plant will give fruit every 7 days. If you have planted the seeds in Spring, then you can expect a lot of fruits till the plant dies at the arrival of winter.

These are the selling prices of an Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley, as per its quality.

  • 500G – Basic
  • 687G – Silver
  • 825G – Gold

Players can earn additional money if they have a tiller profession.

  • 605G – Basic
  • 755G – Silver
  • 907G – Gold

Also, crows are your crop’s enemies, so you should build a Scarecrow in Stardew Valley for your crop’s protection.

Uses of Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley

Uses of Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley

You can sell Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley from 500 gold to 1200 gold as per its quality and the profession of the players. Also, ancient fruit wine Stardew valley can be sold for 1,650 to 4,620 gold, again as per its quality and the profession of the players.

These numbers are reasons why Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley are profitable crops and have high demand. Although the sweet gem berry has the capability to beat it, it can be harvested only once due to which it is hard to produce it in large numbers.

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Stardew Valley Starfruit vs Ancient Fruit – Which is Better For Wine

Wine from ancient fruit stardew valley

There is no best way to utilize Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley than using it to make wine. Its base price is 2,310g, and per bottle, Iridium-quality contains 4,620g. If you own a complete Ancient Fruit Greenhouse and transform them into a wine of Iridium quality, you will easily earn 535, 920g, or more than half a million from only one harvest and maturing.

Taking about Stardew Valley Starfruit, on average it yields 750g, but what happens when you turn it into wine? With an Artisan Profession, you can get a whopping 3,150g, with a total of 6,300g if it’s matured to Iridium-quality. Multiply it by a few hundred, and you will make yourself a wealthy Scrooge McDuck.

Only one crop goes for a higher price in the entire game, however, the Sweet Gem Berry, unfortunately, can’t be turned into wine, therefore it falls short. Starfruit also develops faster than the Sweet Gem Berry, needing only 13 days as opposed to 24 days for the Sweet Gem Berry. The best option is to eat starfruit. After all, with the word “star” in its name, how can it possibly be bad?

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Important Notes

Important Notes for ancient fruit

The most critical thing is that you have to grow the Stardew Valley Ancient Fruit inside the Greenhouse only in the Autumn. Because it takes a little longer to grow and never grows in the season of winter. So, if you leave it outside, the plant will become extremely dry and you will lose all of your hard work along with the plant. Another crucial point to consider is that players must use Ancient Fruit in some Goods such as turning it into an expensive wine. If you do that, it will improve your Artisan profession. Also, you will get the wine price up to 4,620 gold!

Does not matter what you want to do with the Ancient Fruit Stardew Valley, it’s worth looking for seeds and going through the 28-day cycle to get this incredible crop into your fields. After doing that, your farm will give you a fantastic return for sure. This is because when you turn this fruit into an expensive wine and keep it inside a cask to age it, then you get a high price. Hence, growing this ancient fruit on your farm is a profitable business and this guide teaches you about every tip and trick to find the fruit easily and make profits from it.

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